Why a Tidy & Organised Car is Important

The secret to keeping your car tidy and organised is to keep the driver and passengers clean, tidy and organised. It’s up to the people using the car to be mindful of what they do in the car and what they leave behind. But if you start with a few good car care systems, you’ll find that your passengers respect your car and treat it well.

Basic car care means regular cleaning

Everything feels better when your environment is clean. Travelling in a clean car is so much nicer that you owe it to yourself to make a habit of cleaning it. Not everybody is the type who loves to spend hours on a weekend vacuuming, hosing, polishing and wiping their car. For some, going to a car wash is far more convenient.

Of course, even car washes have a range of options. You can wash it yourself in the auto bays, take it through a tunnel wash system or pay to have detailing done by the professionals. Whatever you choose, what matters is the result.

Keeping it tidy

Don’t let your car become an archive for old junk. Whenever you eat in the car, put the packaging in the rubbish bin. Not only will the car be tidier but you’ll avoid inviting cockroaches and ants in. Make a weekly habit of inspecting the contents of your car and removing what’s not necessary. That could include work documents, clothing, shoes, toys, picnic sets, CDs, tools and travel mugs. And don’t forget the rubbish which could be food, paper, plastic bags, chewing gum containers, broken items, disposable water bottles and coffee cups or any number of other bits and pieces.

Look under the seats and in the console compartments too and definitely open the boot and have a look in there. You might be surprised what you’ve forgotten to bring into the house that’s still lurking in the boot after a week.

Car Care - Keeping it Tidy and Organised. Keeping it fragrant

There really is no need to buy expensive products to keep your car smelling pleasant.

Great organising ideas

There are several everyday objects that come in very handy for keeping your car tidy and organised.

Safety considerations

These days, many cars are built with curtain air bags on the front and rear doors. That means that seat covers are not to be fitted, or else they will hinder the operation of these important safety features. If you would still like to protect the seats, you can purchase a pet rug, fold it in half lengthwise and place it over the back seat. Pet rugs have a waterproof backing and the double thickness will prevent damage to the upholstery from shoe buckles, zips, toys and of course, pet claws.

Or, you can fashion your own ‘fitted’ seat cover with the same kind of pet rug; cut holes where the seat belts have to fit through and have an alterations service stitch the edges. These custom covers won’t interfere with the air bags on the sides.

Another good idea where safety is concerned is to carry a first aid kit in your glovebox. You may never use it but the day you do, you’ll be so glad it’s there. The St John Ambulance organisation sells excellent first aid kits online.

In case of emergency

Your glovebox is an important receptacle. In the event of an emergency, you should be able to open it and take out exactly what you need. An emergency doesn’t have to be a car accident. It could be any minor or major circumstance that happens away from home. Here’s a list of what should be in every car’s glovebox:

Car care is one of the responsibilities of car ownership, which is a privilege. Look after your precious investment and it will provide much greater service to you and your family.

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