Sydney hail storm: Allianz impact and response

21 February 2017

This is a significant storm event and total industry insurance claims will increase significantly over coming days

The Sydney storm on 19 February is a significant event and insurance claims continue to be lodged in large numbers.

According to Danny Adams, General Manager Claims, “Allianz’s claims figures are quite high with some property claims; however the majority of the claims received have been motor related.”

“It is still early days and while we are receiving as many as 80 claims per hour from the event, we expect that the figures will continue to climb throughout the week, as people take the opportunity to assess the damage to their vehicles and property.

“To ensure we continue to help our customers in their time of need, we activated Allianz’s Emergency Response Plan to assist in handling the influx of claims,” he said.

Key initiatives activated to respond to customers’ calls for help include:

Concluding, Mr Adams said, “we expect a large number of claims to be received over the next week or so, however, we have put in place initiatives to address any potential delays or inconvenience to our customers and business partners.”

Customers that have storm damage can contact Allianz on 13 10 13, or lodge their claim online at Customers are asked to contact Allianz directly to make an appointment at one of our assessment centres so their claims can be processed expediently.

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