Support for Refugee Education in NSW announced

13 April 2017

Forty-eight people from a refugee background, needing financial assistance for their school education or attaining local recognition for their qualifications, will get the support they need as part of the Settlement Services International (SSI) and Allianz Australia Refugee Scholarships.

SSI CEO, Violet Roumeliotis, will join Allianz’s Chief Human Resources Manager, Tim Dawson, at a multicultural afternoon tea on Wed 12 April, to acknowledge and celebrate the success of the scholarship recipients.

The SSI Allianz Refugee Scholarships were created to minimise the financial barriers experienced by refugees as they participate in the NSW education system.

More than $90,000 — including $50,000 from Allianz — has been allocated to individuals across all levels of the education system: primary school, secondary school, vocational education and training, university, and skills and qualifications recognition.

Also present will be scholarship recipients, including Nadine Et Tash and Tenzin Thinlay.

Tenzin Thinlay, a refugee studying at Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design, came to Australia with her family from India, where she was born as a stateless child in a refugee settlement.

She loves learning about science and says school has helped her understand different cultures because her friends come from such diverse backgrounds.

She says the SSI Allianz Scholarship will help make her educational necessities more affordable and make available extracurricular activities that offer further educational opportunities.

Nadine Et Tash, from Syria, attends Keira High School. After her home in Homs was destroyed she lived in Damascus and Beirut before arriving in Australia.

Her education in Australia is very important to her because her journey meant she missed four years of schooling. When she leaves school she wants to study to be a paediatrician.

She says with a good education a refugee will be better placed to make a positive contribution to society. “This is something refugees really want to do to repay Australia’s kindness to them.”

About the SSI Allianz Scholarships
The SSI Allianz scholarships directly support people from refugee backgrounds to achieve independence.

Refugees who come to Australia face many challenges during settlement, such as financial hardship, dealing with experiences of torture and trauma, and family separation; yet Australia is a nation built on immigration.

We have a long history of providing safe asylum to refugees, many of whom have gone on to make great civil, social and economic contributions to Australian society.

SSI and Allianz aim to continue that tradition by providing targeted scholarships to those who are the most in need and willing to overcome social and economic challenges.

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