Allianz again participating in Earth Hour

Sydney, 25 March 2010

Allianz will again be participating in Earth Hour at 8.30pm on Saturday 27 March.

Nicholas Scofield, General Manager Corporate Affairs, said, “Allianz has participated in Earth Hour since its inception and will do so again this year. We are also pleased at how successfully the initiative has spread around the world after starting in Australia only a few years ago, and we look forward to joining with a number of other Allianz companies around the world in turning our office building lights off for an hour.”

Allianz offices in all Australian capital cities as well as Charlestown in NSW will participate in Earth Hour. In 2009, more than 4000 cities and communities, 20,000 companies, 8,000 schools and 5,500 organisations in 88 countries took part in Earth Hour, which reached nearly 1 billion people.

Mr Scofield said, “of course, Allianz’s commitment to the environment and tackling climate change doesn’t start and stop with participating in Earth Hour but we think it is a great awareness-raising initiative. At Allianz Australia, we are continuously introducing new initiatives to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in order to meet our target of a 20% reduction in emissions by 2012 compared to 2006.”

Allianz Australia measures its carbon footprint through its participation in the global Allianz Group’s Environmental Management System, which incorporates data on emissions-related activities such as the consumption of electricity, travel, paper, water and waste. This data is collected from Allianz companies all around the world and enables us to calculate individual company and worldwide Allianz Group greenhouse gas emissions.

“We have made good strides over the last few years in reducing our emissions at Allianz Australia. Some of the highlights from 2009 include a reduction of more than 50% in the use of office paper and of over 30% in air travel, compared to 2008. The proportion of waste from our Sydney headquarters that was recycled rather than going to landfill increased from 40% in January 2009 to 70% in December,” Mr Scofield said.

Concluding, Mr Scofield stated, “our efforts to reduce emissions continue to bear fruit but we know this is a journey without end, and that we need to continue to innovate and maintain a strong focus on reducing emissions-related consumption in every part of our business. The pleasing results we continue to attain could not be achieved without the initiative and support of our employees and on the occasion of Earth Hour 2010, Allianz Australia would like to thank them for their ongoing commitment to helping the global Allianz Group maintain its position as a global business leader in the area of environmental protection.”

Allianz Australia - General Insurance Company of the Year 2009*

The Allianz Australia Group operates in Australia and New Zealand. It includes one of Australia’s largest general insurers, a leading private workers’ compensation insurer, and a life insurer.
Greenhouse Challenge Plus
Allianz Australia delivers a wide range of personal, commercial and corporate insurance products and services. It is proud to be of service to more than 2 million policy holders and over 50% of Australia’s top 200 BRW listed companies have some form of insurance cover with the group.

Allianz Australia has approximately 3300 staff and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the worldwide Allianz Group, one of the world’s largest financial services companies.

The Allianz Group’s commitment to social, environmental and economic sustainability has been acknowledged internationally by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which recognised the Allianz Group as the most sustainable primary insurance company in the world since 2006. In Australia, Allianz Australia participated in the Greenhouse Challenge Plus (GHC+) program - a cooperative partnership between industry and the Australian Government that aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - and continues to adopt the GHC+ principles.

*Australian and New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards