Holy cow! Allianz reveals wackiest insurance claims

Sydney, 26 February 2009

A dairy farmer in South-East Queensland has learned first hand the importance of being insured for the strangest of incidents after waiting, literally, for the cows to come home.

His herd of bovine behemoths ran amok in the games room of his property at East Haldon, near Toowoomba, Queensland, leaving a $3000 damage bill. The unwelcome visitors, weighing in at more than 400kg each, destroyed his prized pool table and ruined carpets, floorboards and doorways during their rampage.

The incident tops a list of the most unusual insurance claims received last year by Allianz, one of Australia’s largest general insurers.

While most insurance claims are a result of storm damage, theft or motor vehicle accidents, Allianz has compiled a list of wacky claims as a reminder of the importance of being covered against even the strangest events.

Allianz paid more than $2 billion to policyholders, for claims ranging from the serious to the downright outrageous.

Allianz General Manager Corporate Affairs, Nicholas Scofield, said: “We never cease to be amazed by the bizarre variety of claims we receive, many involving animals.

“Some of these incidents might raise a few eyebrows, but reality can be stranger than fiction. It just highlights that you never really know what is around the corner, so it pays to ensure that you are adequately covered.

“Insurance really is a safety net; not only to protect you and your belongings from routine losses, but for unusual and unexpected events as well.”

Some of the strangest claims received by Allianz Australia last year involved animals and cars, including a suburban cat burglar and a pampered pooch that bit off more than it could chew.

Despite the far-fetched nature of some of these claims, all were accepted by Allianz after investigation. Despite popular misconceptions, the Australian insurance industry continues to pay out on more than 98 per cent of claims received each year.

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