Allianz delivers new and improved SME Construction and Engineering Insurance solutions

14 June, 2007

Allianz has enhanced its construction and engineering insurance offering through new and improved products, and the development of a dedicated construction and engineering insurance team.

Greg Fisher, Chief General Manager Broker & Agency, at Allianz said, “The new and improved construction and engineering products are designed specifically for small to medium construction and engineering risks and are innovative, flexible and extremely competitive in today’s market.”

The new construction and engineering products, including Equipment Damage, Construction ‎‎(Annual) and Construction (Single Project), were released to the market on June 4, 2007. A further addition to the product offering is expected later in the year with the release of a new Mobile Plant & Equipment product.

A dedicated construction and engineering team has been formed to ensure that our business partners receive a consistent and specialised service. Mr Fisher commented, "Our business partners will now benefit from a consistent and specialised approach with a centralised team handling all small to medium construction and engineering insurance enquiries."

He adds, “Allianz is moving towards a servicing model with centralised and specialised teams focused on the areas of technical expertise that have traditionally been considered more complex. The move towards a centralised underwriting model began with the introduction of our specialist Financial Lines team in early 2007 and has now been strengthened with the launch of the construction and engineering team. In the coming months, we are looking to implement a similar solution for our Marine business.”

As a concluding comment, Mr Fisher recognises “This new and improved construction and engineering insurance offering demonstrates our commitment to developing long term, profitable partnerships with our valuable business partners and the provision of comprehensive products and superior service”.

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