Women in the workplace

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The number of women in the workplace has significantly increased, with 58 per cent of Australian households having two parents working compared to only 40 per cent in 1983i. We look at the rise of women in the workplace.

The increasing number of women in the workplace brings many benefits, with a better economy and more diverse workplaces to name just a few. The rise of the female breadwinner also allows families to meet the costs of modern life, which often require dual incomes.

56 per cent of Australian women over 15 years old are employed according to the 2011 Census. Source: ii.

More women in the workplace

The increasing number of women in the workplace over the past few decades is due to a number of factors:

  1. Rising living costs - Living costs in Australia have been increasing steadily over the last several decades. The costs of modern life, such as education or childcare costs, are often only able to be met with two incomes. This means that many families are unable to cope financially unless both parents are workingi.
  2. Increased services sector - In recent years the services sector has grown, where workers are valued on an intellectual basis, allowing women to compete equallyiii.
  3. Increased access to higher education - 27 per cent of Australian women had a Bachelor degree or higher in 2012 compared with 18 per cent in 2001iv. This increase in the number of women with tertiary qualifications has boosted their job prospects and their value in the job marketiii. Women with higher levels of education are also more likely to workiii.

Benefits of more women in the workplace

It's considerably beneficial to Australian households and to our economy to have more women in the workplace.

  1. Purchasing power of women - Female consumers control 80 per cent of all purchasing decisions and make the majority of purchases on behalf of othersv.
  2. Increase in Australia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - Closing the gap between male and female employment rates could increase the level of Australian GDP by 11 per centvi.
  3. Increased diversity in the workplace - More women in the workplace means that a broader range of a business's customers are representedvii. Businesses can also benefit from broader perspectives and lateral thinking that comes with a diverse workforcevii. This increase in diversity has also been linked to an overall improvement in the financial performance of a businessvii.
More gender diversity in the workplace can improve the financial performance of a business.

Despite the advances for women in the workplace, women still earn less than men and find it more difficult to advance their careers as far as menix. Currently, full-time male workers in Australia are paid on average 17.5 per cent more than full-time female workers across all industriesx.

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