What worries Australians?

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Credit card debts, unexpected bills, stress at work, relationship problems "these and many other components of modern life prey on our minds and irritate us. But what worries Australians most: money, health, relationships, or all of the above? Macquarie University's Centre of Emotional Health conducted the "What Worries Australia" online survey to find out the elements of day-to-day life that make Australians worry most. The survey included categories such as health, general needs (housing and job security), society, work and relationships.

Australians worry a lot about their future career, which is closely linked to concerns about job security and the pressure of getting ahead (source: i).

The most common worries among Australians

Researchers at Macquarie University found that Australians worry most about their future careerii. According to the executive director of The Australia Institute, Richard Denniss, career anxiety is linked to concerns about job security and the pressure of getting aheadi. Results show that 61.8% of women and 66.8% of men surveyed worry moderately to frequently about work and study. Not surprisingly, the age group mostly affected by career-related concerns are people under 30ii - those who are at the beginning of their careers.

Other major concerns affecting Australians are their achievements, and events of the future, such as will they have a home or will they be able to pay their billsii. Generally, the survey shows that Australians are more concerned over personal matters, while broader issues such as society, the environment or politics seem to play a less important role in people's lives.

Adult anxiety is the most common form of mental disorder, and it can cause a range of physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms (source: iii).

For peace of mind

Feeling anxious about small or bigger things that happen in everyday life is perfectly normal and the adrenaline boost that comes with short-lived anxiety may even lead to better performanceiv. However, if stress levels remain high over a long period, they can affect your physical and psychological wellbeing.

Coping with everyday stressors at home or the workplace may become overwhelming at times. And when worries lead to anxiety, the burden becomes considerably larger. However, there are some stresses in life we can mitigate. One way to combat worries about the future financial security of your loved ones is long-term financial planning and budgeting, helping you take control of your spending and savings.

Even if you feel confident to come up with a financial plan yourself, you still might want to consider seeking assistance from a qualified professional in order to benefit from additional financial advice. One component of your financial plan could be insurance. Taking out life insurance can help to give you peace of mind that in the event of a permanent injury, critical illness or death, your family has financial support. To start protecting your future, get a quote online from Allianz today.

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