Tattoos, spandex and life's big decisions

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We have all had our fair share of regrettable moments. But let's face it - where's the fun in life if you can't take a few risks every now and again? Spandex pants, shoulder pads and tongue piercings - all these decisions probably seemed like a good idea at the time and hopefully you're still happy with the choices you made.

One life decision that sticks with you - quite literally - is to get a tattoo. Studies have shown that the prevalence of tattoos among Australians has risen from 10% in 1998, to 13%i in 2001-02ii and to 15% in 2004-05iii. And Australians generally get inked when they are relatively young, between 20 and 39 yearsi - making it a lifelong choice.

This makes it important, if you do get a tattoo, to choose the design and location carefully. Similarly, when it comes to the welfare of your family, selecting a suitable life insurance plan is a serious task and is a decision that is important to get right.

We have all fallen victim to questionable choices in life. Be wise about your life insurance plan and get a quote from Allianz today.

Yet, despite the importance of life insurance, 95% of Australians are underinsurediv. Underinsurance is when a person's insurance is insufficient for the lifestyle they are trying to protect: if the worst happens, their family will face financial hardship. A lack of understanding prevents a third of Australians from taking adequate cover outside their superannuation and over 40% of people say life insurance is just too complicated to comprehendv.

At Allianz, we understand that choosing the right life insurance plan for you and your family is a weighty decision. It involves asking yourself a tough question: how will my family manage financially in the event of a serious injury, illness or death? Over a quarter of Australians find this question too difficult or unpleasant to talk aboutv and as a result, leave their families vulnerable to financial strife.

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Getting the Facts Right

Most Australians only have half the life insurance cover they need - some people reason that they don't need life insurance and others think that it's too expensivevi. But let's talk facts: the 2010 Lifewise / NATSEM report showed that one in five families will be impacted by the death of a parent, a serious accident or illness that renders the parent unable to work during their working livesiv. If this happens and you are underinsured, a typical Australian family could be facing a loss of half or more of their incomevii.

Tackling the subject of life insurance can be difficult and overwhelming. But approaching the topic in a reasonable way can help you ensure that your loved ones are financially safeguarded in the event of an accident, sickness or death. Take the first step by getting a life insurance quote from Allianz today.

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