Living Life to the full

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Every child wants to be something when they grow up: a vet, a ballerina, a racing car driver, an ice cream maker- anything! Of course as we get older, our hopes and goals for the future change: the budding cricketer at age 10 may mature into a 21 year old with plans to become an architect, or the keen swimmer may decide that she wants to be an Olympian. Others set their sights on learning a new language or making it to a different corner of the globe. Living life to the full is about pursuing the hobbies, interests, and life goals that bring us happiness.

Hobbies, like golf, are important for a fulfilling and happy life.

Not surprisingly, university research identifies the importance of interests and hobbies on a person's wellbeingi. After all, achieving a goal gives a person an enormous sense of achievement and participating in an activity - whether it requires you to use your mind, body or both - can relieve stress and double as an opportunity for socialisingi.

If you were no longer able to provide an income for your family, due to an accident or illness, the pursuit of these interests by you and your family may become financially impossible. After all, hobbies and holidays aren't essential and they can be costly. The reality is that a financial difficulty resulting from a family tragedy may push a parent or child to give up on their interests and career aspirations. On top of that, experiences that you hoped for your family, such as a skiing trip or a holiday in Disneyland, may also become unaffordable.

Life insurance protects dependents from financial burden in the event of death, critical illness or permanent disability that leaves someone unable to earn an income. With life cover, your dependents will be financially secure and it can enable them to continue with the hobbies and life goals that make them happy and fulfil their lives. Contact Allianz today for to get a quote, or call 13 1000 for further information on life insurance and the cover options we offer.

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