5 iPhone apps to help you quit smoking

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Improved lung health and a reduced risk of heart attack are only a few of the many health benefits of quitting smoking. If you are looking to kick the habit once and for all, perhaps these easily accessible quit-smoking iPhone apps may help.

iPhone app Quit now: My QuitBuddy

Quit Now: My Quit Buddy

Once you have taken the initiative to quit, those cravings could kick in –which is when you may need to find a way to stay motivated. Quit Now: My QuitBuddy, developed by the Australian National Preventive Health Agency, is a personalised interactive app that sends you daily motivational messages to support you through your journey to becoming a non-smoker. The app keeps track of how many cigarettes you have avoided since your last smoke and how much money you have saved since giving up. It lets you nominate "danger times" such as during your tea break at work or Friday night socialising; it has a "distract me" feature; allows you to set goals; and even the option to "buddy up" with nominated friends and family for extra encouragement!

iPhone app iQuit


What if you are not quite ready to go cold turkey? Maybe your solution to quitting smoking is a gradual approach by cutting back a little every day. iQuit is an app that assists with a "scheduled reduction" method – it measures time intervals between cigarettes for you to suggest when you should have your next cigarette. Users of the app set their own goals at the beginning and are made to wait just a little bit longer each time between cigarettes (depending on the allocated quit date). With this app you are able to personalise the reduction rate to suit your individual needs and ensure you keep on track to achieve your ultimate goal.

iPhone app Quit for you - Quit for two

Quit for you - Quit for two

If you are expecting or planning a pregnancy, the side effects of smoking can extend to impacting an unborn baby. Smoking can cause long-term damage to the lungs, brain, and circulation of an unborn child, leading to complications during pregnancyi. Quit for you - Quit for two is an iPhone app specifically developed for women who are expecting or are planning to become pregnant. This app works on the idea that distraction can help beat cravings by offering a variety of fun activities such as the "Baby Boogie Game", the "Baby Bubble Game" and the "Baby Name Selector", to keep mums-to-be on track with their non-smoking goals. This is an enjoyable and entertaining way to steer your thoughts away from smoking and towards the expecting new member to the family.

iPhone app Butt Out

Butt Out

One of the biggest benefits for people who have recently quit smoking is feeling healthier. In addition from just feeling better, with the Butt Out app you can actually see the facts and watch the different aspects of your health improve over time. You can use the app by entering how many cigarettes you smoked per day, how long you have been smoking for and the date you quit. Based on this information, it allows you to watch the improvements with your circulation and lung health, the decrease in nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in your blood, and the reducing risk of tooth loss. Butt Out also lets you connect to a community of likeminded quitters who are ready to offer and receive encouraging words from their peers.

iPhone app Stop Smoking - Mindfulness Meditation App

Stop Smoking - Mindfulness Meditation App

Nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms can make quitting smoking quite a stressful experience, often leading to anxiety, irritability and tension. To help reduce the stress that can come with giving up cigarettes, the Stop Smoking - Mindfulness Meditation App provides different meditation techniques you can use.

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