10 life lessons from The Voice Australia 2015

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Yes, really. You're the voice, let's try and understand it.

When not imitating Emoji faces and passing out in the heat, the five coaches of The Voice Australia 2015 dispensed gems of wisdom. Here's a glimpse at what you can learn.

This year's The Voice judges from left to right - the Madden brothers, Delta Goodrem, Jessie J and Ricky Martin.

1. "Let's fly really high and show not only Australia but the whole world what Australian talent really is." - Ricky Martin

LIFE LESSON: Aim big, 'cause baby, you're a firework. You will struggle to get to where you want to be in life if you don't go for gold and give it everything that you have.

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2. "You're a very kind woman, but I want blood on that stage." - Ricky Martin

LIFE LESSON: Sometimes you need to break some eggs to make an omelette.

You're not always going to please everyone in life, and not everyone is going to like you. But that's OK. It's YOUR life and sometimes you can't avoid hurting someone else to achieve an end.

3. "I need all the fans I can get. I finally got my number one fan." – Joel Madden

LIFE LESSON: Don't desert those who have supported you from the start.

Though he was making a pun on Delta's Goodrem's fan she'd thrown on the floor after using it for relief from the hot studio lighting, this shows that despite how successful you are, you still shouldn't forget about people who were there for you from the beginning.

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4. "You have a voice that people will want to hear every week. I think what you need is somebody who can protect that beautiful gift you've been given and make sure your soul shines every time you sing again, and that would be my job." – Delta Goodrem

LIFE LESSON: When you have talent, find someone you can trust to help push to towards greatness. A mentor can help you figure out your next step and inspire you to continue to work hard and reach new milestones.

5. "Yesterday I would have turned in a heartbeat, but that's the thing about this show - it's timing. It can be the way... how the stars align." - Delta Goodrem

LIFE LESSON: Sometimes all the planning in the world doesn't help, you also need good luck and timing.

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6. "You know the best thing about ex-boyfriends? They make number 1 hits for you!" - Delta Goodrem

LIFE LESSON: Every cloud has a silver lining: you can learn how to make big profits from your mistakes, particularly the ones you want to forget.

7. "You weren't breathing hardly at all, which is why you struggled with the high notes and pitch. But honestly I'm genuinely excited about what you're gonna become." - Jessie J

LIFE LESSON: Don't forget to breathe: oxygen is life-sustaining. Sometimes the most obvious thing to do is staring you right in the face, and this can be the most difficult decision to make.

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8. "You live your life with your wounds open." - Jessie J

LIFE LESSON: The struggles we go through in life make us better people if we choose to learn from them. After all, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

9. (Jessie said to Delta regarding Which Spirit Animal Are You?) "You're a squirrel and I'm an eagle."

LIFE LESSON: Keep people around you who will lift you up, not drag you down.

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10. "I'm the kind of person who will finish my dinner and wait to see if I get food poisoning before I say thank you." - Jessie J

LIFE LESSON: Always wait for the result before you comment on the methods. Don't judge a meal by its Instagram photo.