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Making a claim can be a time of great stress, so it is important that all cases are handled sensitively and as quickly as possible. At Allianz, we believe we have a duty to all our customers to consider each claim fairly and professionally, with empathy and in a timely manner.

It is our business to pay genuine claims that are covered by the policy. Each claim will be assessed fairly, based on medical and other relevant evidence, using consistent guidelines and procedures in line with the policy terms and conditions.

Claims that meet the policy terms and conditions will be paid promptly when all reasonably necessary information has been received and assessed.

If you claim for a benefit under combined cover for either Critical Illness cover or Permanently Unable to Work cover and the claim is accepted, this will reduce the cover amount of any remaining benefits you have under the policy by that payment amount. In certain circumstances this may mean the end of a cover or the Life Insured’s policy. Additionally for eligible claims, Life cover Buy Back feature allows you to reinstate the Life Cover Amount that was reduced 12 months after full payment of a Critical Illness or Permanently Unable to Work claim. We will advise you of your eligibility for Life cover Buy Back after your claim has been assessed. If we make a full Life cover payment in the event of death or Terminal Illness, then that Life Insured’s policy will cease. Please refer to the ‘Taking a combination of cover’ and ‘Life cover Buy Back’ sections in the Product Disclosure Statement for further details.1, 11

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How to make a claim

Step 1: Completing the claim form

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To enable us to pay your claim as efficiently as possible we must obtain relevant information we may reasonably require that allows us to fairly assess the details of your case.

Step 2: Assessing your claim

We will only request information that is relevant to assess your claim efficiently and accurately.

Some examples of information we may request include:

Step 3: Processing your claim efficiently

The assessment process and the length of time vary according to the circumstances of the claim, the type of claim and how quickly we receive all the requested information.

Our team will keep you updated with the progress of your claim and will promptly assess each piece of information when it's received.

Step 4: Advising you of the outcome

When your claim is accepted, we will ensure prompt communication and payment. In the event of your claim not being accepted, we will advise you of the reasons and provide details of our dispute resolution process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to understand that the assessment process and the length of time it takes varies according to the circumstances of the claim, the type of claim and how quickly we receive all the requested information. Our claims team will keep you updated on the progress of the claim and will assess each piece of information promptly as it’s received. You can assist by returning claim forms as quickly as possible and by encouraging your medical advisers to do so as well.

Where a Death Certificate is issued without a cause of Death a Coroner's Report may be required. Often this leads to a delay in the determination of the claim.

Your medical history helps us to look at the circumstances leading to the claim and to confirm that you have complied with your relevant Duty (Duty of Disclosure and/or Duty to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentaion as outlined in your policy documentation). We will request medical histories in many instances, particularly where the claim occurs on a policy that is not very old, or where the diagnosis is not clear-cut. This does not mean that we do not believe your claim is valid. We are simply ensuring that the terms and conditions of the policy are met.
Allianz strives to resolve disputes as amicably and as quickly as possible. Find out more about our internal complaints procedure and the external disputes resolution scheme we subscribe to.

Important information

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The Target Market Determination (a TMD) for this product describes the class of persons for which the product has been designed, as well as other prescribed information.

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