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Allianz support during COVID-19

We’ve made important changes to Allianz Landlord Insurance.

The optional Rent Default and Theft by Tenant cover is unavailable to new customers until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We are actively encouraging our customers to check in with us now for a Policy Health Check. We’ve developed a package of support measures which may assist you.


Protection for your investment property made easy

An investment property needs to be appropriately protected. Insurance can give you peace of mind and confidence that your property will be looked after should something go wrong.

Allianz's Landlord Insurance takes care of the property and the contents items you provide for your tenant's use.

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Why Landlord Insurance?


Cover for fire, theft, storms and more


Up to $10 million legal liability cover

Rent Default &Theft by Tenant

(Optional additional cover)
Note: this cover is currently unavailable to be added to new or existing landlord insurance policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Allianz has made the decision to temporarily suspend the availability of 'Rent Default & Theft by Tenant' cover on new Landlord building and / or Contents Insurance policies, until further notice.
If you do not currently have this optional cover on your existing Landlord Insurance policy, you will be unable to add this option until further notice.

Currently landlords are requested to provide the following information to demonstrate loss of rental income:

  • Lease/Rental Agreement
  • Rent roll
  • Evidence of notices issued and/or determinations made by authorities (as applicable or available)
  • Invoices for any allowable reletting expenses
  • Details of bond monies held

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we understand that landlords may not be able to supply evidence of notices or determinations as set out above. In addition to the above information we will require the following additional information (as applicable or available)

  1. Evidence that the tenant has provided to prove they are unable to pay rent – e.g. redundancy/termination notice, proof of JobSeeker/JobKeeper benefits etc.
  2. What other or Government assistance you, as a landlord, have applied for and what financial benefits are you receiving
  3. Evidence of any revised/renegotiated Lease rental amount
  4. If you are receiving savings from reduced real estate agent fees
  5. What actions you have taken to mitigate your losses
  6. Whether you have agreed to offer any rental deferment periods to the tenant
Take all reasonable precautions to prevent further loss, damage or liability. Contact the police as soon as possible to report any theft or attempted theft, or damage caused by intentional acts, riots or vehicle impact. Contact the Allianz Claims Call Centre on 13 10 13 and advise the Claims Consultant of what has happened: the Claims Consultant will help you through thelandlord insurance claimsprocess.
No. To lodge alandlord insurance claim, all you have to do is call Allianz and we will take the details over the phone.
When we agree to replace a landlord contents item, we may assist you to organise the quotes and replacement possessions.
Retain receipts, instruction booklets or any other documents that can help provide evidence of your ownership in the event of a claim. Retain a copy of your written rental agreement and details of the bond held and any notices provided to tenants. Claims staff will require this for loss of rent claims. Retain copies of any property inspection reports. Your claims consultant will advise you of what is required to help us process your claim quickly.
Allianz has agreements with national suppliers to replace most items. We organise the quotes and replacement of your possessions and do most of the leg work for you.
Call us as soon as possible on 13 10 13 and advise the Claims Consultant of what has occurred. Try to get names and addresses of witnesses, if any, to the event which has brought about the claim. Don't make any admissions of liability and don’t attempt to settle any claim made against you. The Claims Consultant will advise you of what steps you need to take and will assist you through thelandlord insurance claimprocess.

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For terms, conditions and exclusions about our home insurance, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). To see some of the events covered and not covered, please refer to our Key Fact Sheets (KFS).