Securing your garden shed

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Securing your garden shed is important not only in protecting valuable equipment from being stolen, but it also keeps tools safe from burglars who could use them to break into your home.

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that in the 12 months before FY2011-12, an estimated 5% of Australian households were subject to at least one break-in or attempted break-in to their home, garage or shedi. Reports conducted by state police servicesii suggest that keeping your garden shed and garage locked and secured can minimise the risk of household intrusion.

Thieves may steal tools from your garden shed and use them to break into your home.

Why it's worth securing your shed

Lawn mowers, drills, ladders, gardening tools, camping and sports equipment - to name a few - are some of the items commonly stored in garden sheds. There are a few simple and cost-effective measures you can take to protect your garden shed and home from intrusion and theft:

Securing tools to the walls of your shed can prevent theft.

Deterring thieves from breaking into your garden shed can protect both the equipment in your shed and your home. However, while simple preventative measures can help, a determined criminal can still strike. Home insurance can protect the investment in your home and contents from theft.

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