Every year, one-third of all accidents occur in the home and thousands of Australians are injured and hospitalised following home accidentsi. The residential home is second only to the road as the location of most accidental deaths in Australiai.

Prevent common accidents and reduce risks of harm

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, people who received injuries in the four weeks prior to the 2004-05 ABS National Health Survey were most likely to experience them inside their own or someone else's home (30%)ii.

Store sharp objects away to help prevent accidents from occurring.

If you are an occupier of a private property, you should exercise reasonable care to prevent any foreseeable risks to anyone who may come onto your land or premises; this includes areas within and outside the walls of your homeiii.

Accidents involving guests at your home may be prevented if extra care is taken. Install adequate lighting around your home, especially near stairs and bathrooms. Your walkways and corridors should also be clutter-free. Sharp objects such as knives should be safely tucked away and your mirrors securely attached to the walls. Remember never to leave open flames such as lit stove tops unattended.

To minimise injury risks, make sure you pack away tools and garden equipment after use.

Outdoor areas that are easily accessible to the public such as your front porch, open lawn or the pathway to your front door also need to be well-kept and maintained to prevent foreseeable accidents. Don't keep sharp tools lying around and beware of loose paving slabs. If you've used a step ladder, make sure you pack it away immediately after. The same precautionary procedure applies to mowers, chainsaws and other similar equipment.

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