5 tips for Easter decorating

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5 tips for Easter decorating

Easter egg decorating draws on traditions from around the world. Here are five simple ways to be inspired by traditional Easter egg decorating and bring Easter into your home.

Gold leaf creates a vibrant and sophisticated look for Easter.

1. Blown eggs

Blown eggs are uncooked eggs with the yolk and egg white removed. They can be painted and decorated and then used as a table centrepiece, attached to string and hung an Easter egg tree, placed in cartons or baskets as a decoration, or used in an Easter egg hunt.

To make blown eggs, carefully poke a hole in the top and bottom of an egg with a needle. Place a skewer through one of the holes to break up the yolk. Remove the skewer and blow through one of the holes to expel the contentsi. Wash, dry and then decorate.

2. Metallic foiled eggs

For a new twist on the classic dip-dyed Easter egg, try your hand at gold, copper or silver leaf embellishment. Transfer the leaf to the eggs using an adhesive spray and small paint brush for a textured effectii. Brightly coloured eggs brushed in the metallic leaf will give your Easter table a sophisticated centrepiece.

For the foiled eggs you will need the followingiii:

3. Chalkboard Easter eggs and basket

Why not paint eggs and baskets with chalkboard paint to create unique Easter decorations. The blank slate can be used for personalised chalk messages or to decorate with glitter or Easter motifs.

The Easter tree is a German tradition that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Chalkboard paint comes in a variety of colours aside from blackiv and can be a fun way for adults and kids to get creative this Easter. This is sure to give you some unique Easter decorations for your home.

4. Egg tablecloth weights

Egg tablecloth weights are easy to make and add a subtle, decorative touch to any Easter table. You can choose hardboiled or plastic eggs, which are filled with treatsv and tied around the egg and secured to the table cloth through a small hole in each corner of the cloth.

For this easy-to-make decoration, you'll needvi:

5. Easter egg tree

The place to show off your Easter egg creations is the Easter tree. A German tradition, the Easter tree is a tree or bush decorated with colourful Easter eggs and garlandsvii. If you don't want something that elaborate, you can make yours a festive table centrepiece or a decorative addition to the family roomviii. Your Easter tree decoration can also be a place for the Easter Bunny to leave chocolate eggs.

To make your own Easter tree you'll need a few items such as:

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