Withdrawal of CIC Allianz CTP Insurance

Withdrawal of CIC Allianz CTP Insurance

For many years, Allianz has offered two Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance products in NSW: Allianz branded CTP Insurance and CIC Allianz CTP Insurance. As a result of regulatory changes, Allianz will cease to offer CIC Allianz CTP Insurance with effect 15 January 2019.

What will this mean for policy holders?

All CIC Allianz policies issued with a start date prior to 15 January 2019 will remain valid until the end of the insured period of vehicle registration. Any claims arising during that time will continue to be covered by CIC Allianz. At the end of the registration period, the CIC Allianz policy will not be renewed.

Will policy holders be able to renew with Allianz?

To ensure continued CTP cover and assist with the registration renewal process, an offer of Allianz CTP Insurance will be sent to all CIC Allianz customers at the end of their existing period of insurance.

By purchasing the Allianz CTP renewal offer, customers will benefit from a smooth renewal process and service continuity. Allianz At Fault Driver Protection Insurance will also be available to qualifying drivers.

What will this mean for claimants?

Any past, present or future claims lodged against a CIC Allianz CTP policy will continue to be managed exactly as they have been previously. This change will not impact the management of claims nor the compensation that may be obtained by injured claimants. The same experienced claims staff will continue to assist you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

For registration periods starting from 15 January 2019 onwards, CIC Allianz will no longer be offering CTP cover. To ensure easy access to CTP insurance, CIC Allianz customers will instead be sent an offer of Allianz CTP Insurance prior to their vehicle’s registration renewal date.
Yes. Your CIC Allianz policy will remain in force until the end of your current period of insurance. Should a claim arise during that period of time, it will be duly covered by CIC Allianz. Prior to the start of your next period of insurance, you will receive an offer of Allianz CTP Insurance. If you decide to purchase the insurance offer, we will continue to provide you with the same great benefits and service that you received in the past.
There will be no change. Your claim will continue to be managed as effectively and quickly as it would have been prior to this change. The same experienced claims staff will be available to assist you every step of the way.
The contact number for CIC Allianz, 1300 360 340, will be unchanged and will remain available for claims management and for administering current policies until the end of December 2019. If you have any questions concerning your existing CIC Allianz policy including a current claim or lodging a new claim, please call this number and our staff will be happy to help you.
While owned and operated by the same insurer, the prices offered by Allianz and CIC Allianz are different. Similar rating factors are used to determine your premium under both CTP brands but prices have historically varied depending on the segment. Along with ceasing to sell the CIC Allianz CTP product, Allianz has enhanced the way we set our rates. We now ask a wider range of questions to better understand you as a driver in order to determine your premium. If your premium has increased, it will be due to this and not the switch from CIC Allianz to an Allianz CTP policy.
Allianz At-Fault Driver Protection Insurance provides protection for specified injuries or death if you are the “at fault” driver in a motor accident up to a maximum benefit of $250,000. This cover is activated as soon as your vehicle is registered using an Allianz CTP Insurance policy and is subject to eligibility criteria that can be found in our At-Fault Driver Protection policy document.