Using your tablet for in-car entertainment

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Whether you're going on an interstate road trip or just driving to work, there is a range of ways to use your tablet computer to make your journey a more enjoyable experience. We take a look at some great ways to use your tablet while on the move.

Watching movies on a tablet mounted on the car seat headrest will keep the kids entertained for hours!

Keep the kids entertained

As any parent who's heard the bored cry of "Are we there yet?" from the backseat would agree, one of the best uses of a tablet is playing movies to keep children entertained on long car trips. Although it is possible to permanently install in-car entertainment systems in your vehicle, mounting your iPad or other tablet computers to play movies or games for your backseat passengers is an affordable and practical alternativei.

One place to mount the tablet is on the poles of one of the front car seat headrests, so that it's in view of passengers in the backseat without distracting you as you drive. All you need to do is select a headrest mount for your iPad or tablet, making sure that it's compatible with the model and size of your device. Three key features to look out for are design, adjustability and versatilityi.

The design of the headrest mount should ensure that the clamps attaching it to the headrest poles are secure, and that the holder has a snug fit with your tablet device. Make sure you know the dimensions of your tablet as well as the diameter of your car's headrest poles before purchasing a mount. It may be worth buying a headrest mount that has flexible viewing angles so that it can be adjusted for multiple viewers, as well as different heights as your child growsi. Finally, if having a headrest mount that is compatible with multiple devices is important to you, look for versatility in its design.

Remember to program your music playlist before setting off.

Play your favourite music

Whether it's because you want to listen to the perfect cruising playlist on your road trip or simply because you can't find the music you like on the radio, connecting your iPad or other tablet device to your car stereo is an easy way to play your favourite tunes. If your car stereo has a 3.5mm auxiliary port then all you'll need is an auxiliary audio cable to connect to your tablet and play musicii.

Another option is to purchase an FM transmitter, great for both in the car and at home, which uses radio frequencies to connect your device to the nearest FM radioii. Several FM transmitters also come with a charger that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter socket so you can charge your tablet while listening to musicii, iii.

Bluetooth innovations mean that using an array of cables and jacks in the car may soon be a thing of the past. If you have a new car or car stereo your vehicle might already be fitted with Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (AD2P) technology, meaning that you can connect your device to the stereo via Bluetoothiv. However, for those not lucky enough to have it already built in, there is a range of audio receivers on the market that can pair your iPad or other tablet device with your stereo using AD2Piv. Some also offer a charging feature, and connect via an FM transmitter device or with auxiliary inputiv.

Don't be distracted

It's very important that if you are planning on using your tablet to play music through your stereo, you program the playlist before you start driving so that you will not need to touch the tablet once on the road. Although electronic devices can improve your driving experience, if used incorrectly or excessively they can become a dangerous distraction.

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