The best driver awareness videos

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Television commercials are effective at raising awareness and helping to change behaviour. Here's a selection of driver awareness clips that are unorthodox, yet extremely effective.

Have you ever watched an advertisement or public service announcement on TV that really hit home and resonated with you long after you finished watching it? Government agencies, road safety advocate groups and some car manufacturers have been coming up with their own ingenious marketing campaigns to get people thinking about safe driving practices.

Some of the ads in these marketing campaigns can be shocking and confronting to watch - but they might make you think twice about drink driving, texting or other unsafe practices while driving.

We've selected six of the top television commercials and clips on driver awareness, all of which deliver strong messages about driver safety in clever, unique ways.

1. Volkswagen - 'Eyes on the Road'

This Volkswagen campaign sees unsuspecting moviegoers at the MCL Cinema in Hong Kong taken on an unexpected journey. The ad, which aims to draw attention to the dangers of mobile phone use while driving, was secretly filmed in the cinema during the previews before the movie began. Watch as location-based transmission technology is used to send a text message to the moviegoers' phones, with interesting results.

2. Volkswagen - 'Don't make up while driving'

Another Volkswagen campaign to employ shock tactics, this seemingly harmless make-up tutorial comes with a surprise ending. Highlighting the potential dangers of applying make-up while driving, this viral video has had over 1.6 million views on Youtube as at June 2014, two years after publication. Watch the video right to the end and see why it's got people talking about the hazards of driving while distracted.

3. New Zealand Government / Safer Journeys - 'Legend'

New Zealand's road safety strategy, Safer Journeys, aims to improve road safety and decrease the risk of death and injury caused on the country's roadsi. This television ad - sometimes referred to as the ad with the ghost chips - was released as part of the Safer Journeys initiative. It’s just one ad in a series of other comical yet highly poignant safety messages released by the New Zealand Government. Watch as a young man contemplates the potential implications of letting his friend drive home drunk from a party.

4. Think! UK - 'Pub Loo Shocker'

Think! UK is a road safety campaign run by the UK Government's Department of Transport. Think! has produced a number of memorable campaigns tackling everything from drink driving to driver fatigueii. This particular clip, filmed in a North London pub, also employs shock tactics in a way which forces unwary pub patrons in the video to consider how a few too many drinks could have potentially devastating consequences. There's no guarantee that you won't get just as much of a fright as the participants in the video - but you're very likely to remember it the next time you go out for a drink.

5. Think! UK - 'Drug eyes'

Another campaign from Think! UK, this television advertisement deals with the subject of drug driving. Drug use is well known to impair driving skills, due to slower reaction times, erratic behaviour, heightened sensitivity and an inability to concentrate properlyiii. The ad plays on the fear of getting caught driving under the influence of drugs by the police, using special effects to bring attention to the altered state that drug users are often in.

6. Allianz Brazil - 'Drunk Mirror'

Getting drunk to the point where your vision is blurred can be dangerous for you and those around you - especially if you choose to get behind the wheel of a car. In this social experiment, Allianz Brazil have set up a 'drunk mirror' in a packed nightclub. The mirror produces a 'delayed' reflection, mimicking the delayed reaction time people experience when they consume too much alcohol. Watch as the club patrons come face-to-face with the effects of alcohol.

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