RTA Update to NSW Road Rules - November 2012

On October 19th 2012 Transport NSW introduced a new set of road rules based on improving road safety (for drivers and pedestrians) as well as traffic management.i

On November 1st 2012 these new rules will be enforced. How will these rules impact you? Allianz has reviewed the new changes from the NSW Government and Road and Traffic Authority and has prepared a summary of some of these rules below.

Mobile Phone Driving

Mobile Phones

A driver may not use a mobile phone iito make or receive a phone call while a vehicle is moving or stationary (not parked). This also applies to any audio playing functions. A driver may only use their mobile phone in this manner if;

All other mobile phone functions are strictly prohibited. Police and emergency vehicles are permitted to continue using mobile data terminals in the course of their work.

Visual Displays

Using a visual display unit (such as a mobile phone) as a driver’s aid can only be used if the device is secured in a fixed mounting.

Penalty: 3 demerit points (4 in a school zone) and $298 ($397 in a school zone)


The NSW RTA made a number of changes to existing laws, as well as introducing new laws, related to pedestrians. These laws are designed to improve safety for pedestrians by increasing awareness from drivers and pedestrians alike as to what they can and can’t do at shared traffic locations.

Railway Crossings

Pedestrians approaching a railway crossing must now not start to cross if a red pedestrian light is displaying, or finish crossing without delay.

Penalty: $66
Pedestrian Crossing


When turning into a road at an intersection drivers must give way to any pedestrian who may be crossing that road.

Penalty: 3 demerit points (4 in a school zone) and $298 ($397 in a school zone)

Pedestrian Crossing

Drivers may also stop on a pedestrian crossing immediately before an intersection, but only after giving way to pedestrians using this crossing.

Penalty: 3 demerit points (4 in a school zone) and $298 ($397 in a school zone)

Roundabouts & U-turns

Drivers entering a roundabout intending to turn must give clear and sufficient warning to other motorists of their intentions before entering the roundabout. When exiting a roundabout (after turning left, right, or going straight) a driver must always indicate a left turn signaling that they are leaving the roundabout. Penalty: 3 demerit points (4 in a school zone) and $298 ($397 in a school zone)
Note that this is not an exhaustive list of the 2012 changes. Please refer to the NSW RTA Road Rules Guidebook for more detailsiii

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