Protecting your car from storm damage

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We look at some of the zanier methods to protect a motor vehicle from inclement weather damage.

An inflatable lilo: is this the ultimate tool in the fight to protect your car against bad weather?

Desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures. We take a look at some creative ways of protecting a parked car from unexpected inclement weather damage.

The beach lover solution

This solution is based around beach equipment. Kiddie paddling pools and lilos could be enough to protect your vehicle from damage. Attach these to the roof, bonnet and rear of your car to provide a barrier from hail. Other water-equipment such as boogie boards and wetsuits can also be placed on your windscreen.

The mail room solution

If you magically have an endless supply of bubble-wrap from all those parcels over the years, don't throw it out just yet. Why not shroud your car in bubble-wrap to protect it from hail? Even though it'll be air-popping fun cloaking your car in postage plastic, remember not to become possessed by bubble-wrap frenzy and drive your car around town in its new casing. Bubble-wrap should only be used when your car is parked.

The home handyman solution

If you don't have a car shelter or garage, why not build a makeshift one? If you like a bit of DIY, this could be the solution for you. With a roof-rack attached to the top of your vehicle, some rope and the spare panels of plywood lying around your garden shed, you can quickly install a secondary roof for your parked car. This can help protect the roof of your car and potentially even the front, rear and side windows!

The guest room solution

In need of emergency car protection? Then perhaps your guest room has what you need. Grab those blankets, pillows, sheets, towels and blow-up mattresses to cover the roof and windscreens of your car. Even if it doesn't save your car from damage, at least your vehicle will be warm and cosy.

Shopping centre car park. Protect your car from the elements and enjoy your movie.

The techie solution

If you're a fan of Hackers, Chuck, War Games or The Matrix then read on. First, make sure you have a list of shopping centres with undercover car parks loaded into your GPS. Then, based on advanced weather alerts on your smartphone, drive to the nearest shopping centre well in advance of any major weather change and park in the underground car park. Ensure you have sufficient funds to cover essential supplies like coffee and/or movies while you wait for the weather to pass. Once the weather event has passed, load your shopping into the car and head home. These makeshift protective solutions are certainly ingenious. They may even help protect your car! But when it comes to a practical solution, comprehensive car insurance provides cover in the event of damage to your vehicle from storms. Get a quote with Allianz today!