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Insurance for your Toyota

Do you own a Toyota? Or are you thinking about buying one? Allianz offers comprehensive car insurance that looks out for you in the event of theft or damage to your Toyota, or damage to third-party property. Taking out the right insurance is vital to protecting your car - contact Allianz today to get a quote for your Toyota.

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Toyota - Australia's number one car for sales

2011 marks the ninth year in a row Toyota has sold the most cars in Australiai. These figures from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) show that the car maker sold 181,624 new vehicles last year, and held an impressive 18.0% share of the 2011 car marketii. The Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Hilux are the third and fourth most popular car models by sales across the countryii, sliding down from their second and third places for 2009iii and 2010i.

Australian car market share (Source: FCAI VFACTS 2006-2011)

Toyota models took first place in 2011 for sales in four different FCAI-defined market segmentsiv : Medium car, Pickup 4x2, Pickup 4x4 and Large SUV. The Toyota Camry topped the Medium car segment with 33% share of this market segment, and the Toyota Hilux won both the Pickup 4x2 and Pickup 4x4 segmentsiv . Remarkably, 73.9% of new Large SUV vehicles bought in 2011 were Toyota Landcruiser Wagonsiv.

Models from this Japanese manufacturer also feature in the top three of ten of the FCAI's market segments for the year as shown in Table 1.

Toyota Model Place in segment
Aurion Large car (3rd)
Camry Medium car (1st)
Corolla Small car (2nd)h
Hiace Van Vans (2nd)
HiLux 4x2 Pickup 4x2 (1st)
HiLux Pickup 4x4 (1st)
Kluger SUV medium (2nd)
Landcruiser wagon Large SUV (1st)
Prado SUV medium (3rd)
RAV 4 SUV compact (2nd)
Yaris Light car (2nd)h

Table 1: Toyota's market leading fleet (Source: Car Advice from Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries) for 2011

Toyotas are some of the safest cars on the road

Not only are Toyotas the most popular cars on sale at the moment, but recent models released by this brand have performed exceptionally well in safety trials. Safety tests were carried out by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) in 2011 on nine Toyota models. Results from ANCAP revealed that eight light passenger vehicles of the nine models tested received the highest possible 5-star safety ratingv. The Hiace LWB, the Toyota van built to carry more and maximise storage space, also proved to be very safe with a score of four out of five starsv.

TOYOTA Model Variant Safety Rating(out of 5)
Camry Altise 5
Camry Ateva 5
Camry Hybrid 5
Corolla Hatch 5
Corolla Sedan 5
Hiace LWB van 4
Rukus Build 1 5
Tarago GLi 5
Yaris Hatch 5

Thieves target Toyotas

Although Toyotas have been selling well and recent models have proven to be high safety-rating cars, Toyotas have also become targets for car theft. In the financial year ending in June 2011, Toyota Camry SV21 models were the third most stolen car in Australia for short-term theft and the second most stolen car for profitvi . In the Northern Territory, the top three stolen cars for short-term theft in 2010-11 were all Toyotas: the Hilux MY05+, the Landcruiser 70 Series and the Hiluxvi . In NSW, the Toyota Hiace MY90-04 and the Camry SV21 were the top two stolen vehicles motivated by profit, and in Victoria the Camry SV21 was the top choice for short-term theft in the year 2010-11vi.

If you're the happy owner of a Toyota, it's important that you take out the right insurance that best suits you and your car. Talk to Allianz today about cover options.

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