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Boasting 4 million hectares of public landi, including state, national and wilderness parks, there is a vast array of campsites to choose from in Victoria. With the Grampians National Park, Great Otway National Park, Mount Buffalo National Park, Croajingolong National Park and Wyperfeld National Park all within a day's drive from Melbourne, camping and exploring is made easy. Here are two of the leading parks in Victoria.

Grampians National Park

Rising from the ground in the Western Plains of Victoria, the Grampians are a series of rugged sandstone mountain ranges. They are one of Victoria's most popular camping destinations, providing rich flora and fauna, walking trails, and breathtaking viewsii. The Aboriginal presence of the Grampians dates back over 20,000 years and they host the majority of surviving rock art in South-East Australia. As well as this rich history the Grampians also play host to a beautiful and colourful spring wildflower display. Over 800 indigenous plant species have been identified in the park, including over 40 that are found nowhere else in the world. Many can be seen surrounding the different campgrounds on offer, most of which are accessible by car and some that are walk-only accessible sitesiii.

Water cascading down a rock face, MacKenzie Falls Grampians National Park, Victoria

Brisbane Ranges National Park

Just over an hour's drive from Melbourne takes you to the state's richest wildflower habitat. Set in low range mountains, there are 619 native plant species (one fifth of Victoria's totaliv) on site. Apart from the colourful flower displays, the Ranges is home to the native Australian animals such as the Eastern Grey kangaroo, wallabies and echidnas. It is also said to have the greatest density of koalas in Victoriav. Rocky gullies have also protected the bird population with well over 180 species seen in the parkiv. Campers can stay overnight at the Boar Gully camping sitevi.

Buchan Caves Reserve

Stunning caves full of limestone formations can be found near the town of Buchan. These caves were formed by the movement of underground rivers seeping through limestone rock over time while the formations were shaped by rainwater seeping through cracks. Royal Cave and Fairy Cave are two caves in the reserve. They feature calcite-rimmed pools in the former and intricate stalactites and stalagmites in the latter.

Icicle like limestone stalactite and stalagmites in Fairy Cave of the Buchan Caves Reserve, Victoria

There are a range of camping options available that are easily accessed by car and are only a stone's throw away from what this park has to offer. To make the most of your time there, go on a bushwalk or a cave tour and when it's hot, make your way to the Reserve's swimming pool that is fed by a natural springvii.

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