How to change a car's wiper blades

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Replacing your car's windscreen wipers is one of the simplest DIY tasks you can perform to ensure your safety on the road. Keeping your wipers in good working condition can help make sure that your windscreen is kept clear in all conditions.

Windscreen wipers should be checked regularly to ensure that they provide you with clear vision in wet weatheri. The rubber of your windscreen wipers can wear out, as well as get cracked and dirty over time due to use and from weather conditionsii. Worn out wipers can also potentially damage your car's windscreen: keeping them in top condition will reduce the chance of this occurring, saving you money in costly repairs, and keeping you safe on the roadiii.

The following symptoms may indicate that your wipers need changing:

If you're going to be replacing your wipers, make sure you know your car's precise details; including year, make and model. This will allow you to purchase the correct replacement parts. Auto parts suppliers and Web sites can guide you to the correct purchase.

There are two options to replacing your windscreen wipers. You can replace the entire blade or just the rubber refill. The latter is the least costly, and this article focuses on its replacement. The following instructions are a generic guide to windscreen rubber refill fitting, rather than specific advice. New rubber refills are likely to come with specific directions for installation so make sure you read and follow themv.

Step-by-step instructions

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Repeat the above steps for the second windscreen wiper refill. Once you are finished replacing the rubber, test them to ensure they are working properlyi.

Making sure your rubber wipers are in good condition will keep you safe on the road. However, unexpected accidents can occur which may damage your vehicle. Car insurance cover can protect you financially in the event of accidental damage to your car. Contact Allianz for a quote today.

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