Five top car parking apps

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One of the biggest hassles of city living is parking. Whether you want to share a car spot, find out where free car spaces are, work out which parking is cheapest, or just remember where you left your car, there is now an app to help.

The Park Me app displays parking rates on a map so you can find the most affordable.

Park Me (free)

Park Me is a huge database of parking information from around the globe which serves over 1,823 cities internationallyi. With Park Me, you can check the prices of parking to compare rates, browse the prices on the map and, depending on the parking area, you may even be able to see how many spots are left. The information in this app is detailed, including entrance points to car parks, payment types accepted and photos so you can know what to expect. Park Me is available from iTunes and Google Play.

The City of Perth Parking app lets you know exactly how many spots are available in major car parks around Perth.

City of Perth Parking (free)

Perth locals can benefit from the City of Perth Parking app to help them solve their parking problems. This app, available on the App Store and Google Play, aims to reduce congestion by making the process of finding parking faster. It lets you know exactly how many spots, or "bays", are available in 12 of Perth's biggest car parks, including at the Concert Hall, the Convention Centre and Goderich Street. The app can also remind you when to top up the parking meter or move your car, and has a feature to help you remember exactly where you parked.

On Parkhound you can list a spot you're not using.

Parkhound (free)

This handy app, available from iTunes, has a lot of features to make parking cheaper and easier. It uses your location to identify and display the prices of nearby parking spots. Parkhound also allows you to book a parking space from other users who have listed their space on the app, which makes it a great chance for people with a spare space to make some extra cash. If you have a parking spot you don't use, you can list it on this app at a price, or for free, and decide when the spot will be available for other people to use.

The Cheap Parking app can help you find the most affordable parking.

Cheap Parking (free)

Cheap Parking, available on the App Store and Google Play, is simple and easy to use, boasting a very effective navigation tool. Cheap Parking does exactly what it claims to do by comparing the prices of parking near you and helping you to find the cheapest space. This app can help you avoid the frustrating situation of paying for parking, only to find a cheaper spot nearby after you're already parked. It's regularly updated as parking rates and facilities change to give you the most accurate results possible.

With iParked Here you can record exactly where you parked.

iParked Here ($1.29)

iParked Here is another simple but effective app. It's available from the App Store and is the brainchild of a 17 year old Sydneysider who thought up the idea during his last year of high schoolii. Perfect for those enormous shopping centre or airport car parks, and areas that are unfamiliar, the app allows you to record exactly where you parked and then uses GPS to direct you to your car when you're trying to find it. You can also set a timer to remind you when your parking expires.

These apps can help you to eliminate some of the frustration that comes with finding and paying for parking, and remembering where you parked. By using one of these apps to plan your parking strategy in advance, you'll take the hassle out of parking.

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