Comparing car insurance quotes: how to pick the best policy

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When it comes time to pay your car insurance, you can save money by comparing insurance quotes. However, picking the best quote is not just about price. There are a number of factors to consider in weighing up which is the best car insurance policy for you, so it’s worth thinking about the level of cover you will receive for your money. As with most things in life – you do get what you pay for.

One of the most important considerations when looking at a car insurance quote is whether the policy provides for your choice of repairer. Some insurance companies don’t offer this choice, and it has been known for some people to experience difficulties with repairs if they are unable to take their car to their preferred repairer as part of the policy.

Another important item to consider in comparing motor insurance quotes is whether or not your insurer provides for hire car coverage following an accident or the theft of your car. Whether you need hire car coverage or not depends on how inconvenient it would be for you to not have a vehicle. If public transport is easily accessible it may not be that important, but if you do rely heavily on your car, as most people do, then hire car coverage is probably something you want to include in your car insurance policy.

If you’re a parent, you might also want to consider a policy with coverage for younger drivers. Some companies will not cover such drivers, so if you have a member of the family aged under 25, go for a policy that will ensure they’re covered if they like to borrow the car.

However, extra cover usually comes at a price for most insurance companies, which take into account the drivers of the vehicle, their age, gender, driving and insurance/claims history, when assessing premium values. Other factors in the car insurance quote include the address where the vehicle is being kept, whether or not it is garaged or parked on the street and whether there’s a high level of claims in your particular suburb. The basic rule of thumb is, the higher the risk for the insurance company, the higher the premium.

Even then, you might find that companies will charge different rates for the same levels of coverage – another good reason to shop around. Motor insurance policies can also be affected by the claims history on a particular model of car. If you’re driving a car that one particular insurance company has had a high number of claims on, for example, they may place a premium on insurance for the model, compared to a company that has received less claims for the same vehicle.

So, how many car insurance quotes do you need to get an idea of value for money on your car insurance policy? Three or so quotes is generally enough, and the process of comparing quotes is made easier and quicker these days with a number of car insurers providing instant online quotes via their websites. It is worth shopping around for the best car insurance quote. It will take a minimum of time, and potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

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