Historic car journeys infographic

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GPS, stereo systems, advanced safety features - modern cars are status symbols, packed with highly developed entertainment and safety features, delivered in stunning designs. But even in the early days of the motor vehicle industry, the car was much more than a mode of transport from A to B. It meant personal freedom, mobility and independence; and it inspired entrepreneurs, scientists, sportspersons, missionaries and the woman next door to reach for the stars.

This infographic takes you back to the roots of the automotive industry. It shows five big car journeys that are widely considered as milestones in car history, taking motor vehicles and their drivers to their very limits. It also looks at some speed records and introduces four individuals who achieved fame and recognition with their motor vehicles. By setting new benchmarks for technology, long distance travel and speed, they fueled excitement and contributed to the rapid development that made the automotive industry what it is today.

Historic car journeys infographic

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