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Safe Driver Benefits

If you have a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, Allianz Safe Driver Benefits rewards your good driving with a star rating. The more stars you have, the lower your premium will be.2

Watch the video to find out more about Allianz Safe Driver Benefits.

Your Safe Driver Star Rating2

= 5-10% discount
= 15% discount
= 15% discount + Star Rating Protection at no extra cost*

* Only applicable if you have had no at fault claims over the last three years.

How many stars do I get?

If you’ve bought a new Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, you’ll start with up to four stars. The number of stars you first get depends on both yours and your named drivers’ claims history, how long you’ve been driving, and whether you hold a current comprehensive car insurance policy with any provider. If you have a policy with multiple vehicles, a different Safe Driver Star Rating may apply for each one.

How do I get more stars?

Your star rating is re-calculated when you renew your Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance. Every two years of claims-free insurance will give you an extra star, until you’ve achieved the maximum six-star rating.

Can I make a claim and not lose a star?

Yes you can. Your Safe Driver Star Rating will not be affected if:

  • The person driving your vehicle at the time of the accident didn't contribute to the cause of it. In other words, the claim can be recovered
  • Your vehicle was damaged while parked and you can provide us the with the name and contact details of the other person involved
  • The amount we’ve paid out to cover your loss has been recovered

When will I lose a star?

Every at-fault claim you make over the year of your policy will cause you to lose one star. If your Safe Driver Star Rating drops to three-stars or below, you’ll lose your discount benefits.

How does Allianz Star Rating Protection work?

When you have Allianz Star Rating Protection, you will not lose a star for your first at-fault claim in a policy year. You can also purchase this option as long as you are on an Allianz Safe Driver Star Rating of 4 Stars or higher and all vehicle owners and drivers are over 25 years of age.

Want to know more?

If you have any more questions, or if you want to check if you meet our requirements and see how Safe Driver Star Ratings work, you can download this handy infographic or call the Allianz Contact Centre on 13 1000.