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Choosing Comprehensive CoverComprehensive Car Insurance provides cover for your car and other people's cars and property.

Protect your car

  • Cover for accidental damage to your car if you are at fault
  • Cover for damage to your car if you are not at fault in an accident and the other vehicle is uninsured
  • Cover for accidental loss or damage to your car caused by fire or theft. A 72 hour waiting period applies to bushfire damage. Refer to the PDS for Terms and Conditions.
  • Cover for accidental damage or loss to your car including flood, storm and hail. A 72 hour waiting period applies to cyclone, flood or bushfire. Refer to the PDS for Terms and Conditions.
  • Reasonable costs of towing after a covered accident


  • Cover for accidental damage to other people's property (including vehicles) which is partly or fully your fault
  • Approved legal costs arising out of a claim for liability covered by your policy
  • Legal liability cover when using a substitute vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired or serviced (excluding hire cars)
  • Guarantee on authorised repairs
  • Rental car following theft ($100 per day limit, up to 21 days)
  • And more

Policy documents

We do not provide advice based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Before making a decision please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). A Premium, Excess, Discount and Options Guide (PED) is also available for reference.

Upgrade your Comprehensive coverGet extra cover. Choose from these options when you get a quote.

Rental Car

When your car goes in for repair after an accident, we can arrange a rental car for you to the value of $100 a day for up to 21 days. If a rental or loan car is not available receive $50 travel allowance per day for 21 days.

Removal of basic excess for windscreen claims

Choose this option to remove the excess on two repair claims or one replacement claim per policy year for window glass or windscreen damage. Your Star Rating is not affected by those claims and you can fast track your repair by calling O'Brien Glass directly.

Star Rating Protection

Star Rating Protection allows you to claim one at-fault accident a year without losing your Star Rating. Protects your Star Rating in the event of an at-fault accident, or a claim where the responsible party can't be identified, or a claim where your car is damaged by nature or wildlife.

Ways you can saveOptions to help you tailor your Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Adjustable Excess

Increase your excess to reduce your premium.

Annual Payment

Pay annually for the best price on your insurance premium.

Named Driver

Reduce your premium by listing all your drivers. An excess will be applied in the event of an accident where your vehicle was being driven by any driver not listed in your policy.

Roadside Assistance

We offer fast, reliable 24 hour roadside assistance to get you back on the road if something goes wrong. You are covered no matter who is driving and no matter where in Australia you are. Standard cover available from $99 a year.

For 24 hour Roadside Assistance call 1800 010 536.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In the event that your son/daughter is involved in an accident in your vehicle and is not listed as a nominated driver on your insurance, he/she may have to pay a higher ‘Age excess’ for drivers not listed on your policy schedule in addition to the basic excess, on condition that Allianz chooses to accept the claim. If they were listed on the policy, you would pay a lower “Age excess” in addition to the Basic excess.
No. Learner drivers are automatically covered provided the instructing driver meets the policy criteria as set out in your schedule and PDS.
To have a non-standard accessory - such as a music player - covered under your car insurance policy, you need to let Allianz know the value of the accessory. You need to do this for all non-standard accessories as well as modifications that you have made to the vehicle to ensure you are covered in the event of a car insurance claim. Remember to also keep a record of your purchases.
In addition to the basic excess, he/she will also be required to pay the relevant age excess for drivers listed on your policy schedule. All excesses are displayed on our car insurance policy schedule.
Comprehensive Car Insurance covers damage to your vehicle, loss of your vehicle or property, theft and damage to other people's property such as their vehicle. Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance insures you or any other driver of your vehicle against liability for death or injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident for which you or the driver of your vehicle are at fault. Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance provides cover or loss against someone else's property. Third Party Property, Fire and Theft Car Insurance adds cover in the event of your vehicle being stolen or catching fire.
Unless they are listed on your car insurance policy, we are unable to provide any information nor can they action any requests on your behalf. Please contact our staff on 13 1000 to discuss what is involved in providing them access to your car insurance policy.

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