VIC WC - Worker


If you have sustained a work related injury or illness, Allianz will work with you to ensure you get the appropriate treatment and make your return to work as quick and safe as possible.

Allianz will guide you through the claims process, help you understand your rights and obligations and any workers compensation benefits that you may be entitled to.

We understand the most important person in your recovery is you.

If you are unfamiliar with lodging a claim, the Allianz Claims Assist Team can provide help. Call 1300 659 334.

Rights and Responsibilities Your obligations as an Injured Worker.

As an injured worker you are required to:

  • Notify your employer of an injury sustained at work within 30 days and make a claim if you wish to gain access to medical expenses and time off due to this injury
  • Choose a medical practitioner (usually a GP) who will participate in planning your return to work
  • Actively participate in treatment for your work related injury and planning for your return to work
  • Co-operate with assessments to determine your capacity for work, rehabilitation progress and future employment prospects
  • Make reasonable efforts to return to work in suitable or pre-injury employment
  • Ensure that you supply valid WorkCover certificates of capacity to your employer (or Allianz if applicable) to ensure prompt payment your wages
  • Provide your medical invoices to Allianz (or your employer if applicable) to ensure prompt reimbursement
  • Comply with reasonable requests by Allianz in respect to your claim

Your employer must:

  • Lodge a claim with Allianz within 10 calendar days of receiving your completed valid claim form
  • Meet their liability threshold or excess if you claim is accepted (if applicable)
  • Plan for your return to work, including consulting with you, your nominated medical practitioner and Allianz about your return to work
  • Provide employment (either suitable or pre-injury) to the extent that it is reasonable to do so for a period of 52 weeks post your injury date

Your nominated practitioner must:

  • Recommend and engage necessary treatment for your work related injury
  • Ensure that your medical certificates of capacity are completed appropriately
  • Assist with planning for your return to work and monitor your progress throughout this process

Allianz will:

  • Discuss your claim and assist in your return to work
  • Decide to accept or reject your claim for compensation within 28 days of receipt of the valid forms
  • Pay reasonable and appropriate medical and like expenses
  • Reimburse your employer for workers compensation benefits within 21 business days upon receipt of valid certificates of capacity
  • Reimburse you the costs of reasonable medical expenses that you may have paid yourself, within 10 business days of receipt of a valid tax invoice

Return to work As an employee, it is your right to return to a safe and sustainable work environment. You are the most important person in your recovery - actively participating in these processes can help your rehabilitation

Planning for your return to work may include any or all of the following:

Obtaining relevant information about your capacity to work. This information may be provided by yourself, your medical practitioners or from a review with an independent medical examiner (IME) who specialises in providing an opinion on your return to work and treatment.

  • Assessing and proposing employment options. This may occur via your pre-injury employer or via your nominated occupational rehabilitation provider (if applicable).
  • Reviewing your employment options will be based on information provided regarding your capabilities, your injury and recovery timeframes.
  • Our focus will remain on ensuring that you are able to return to your pre-injury role, at your pre-injury workplace. If this is unable to occur, alternative options will be explored i.e. alternative duties with your pre-injury employer or alternative employment.