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If you are lodging a claim for the first time, the Allianz Claims Assist Team can provide help. Call 1300 659 334 to speak to a consultant.

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Lodging a claim
Step 1. A worker must complete a Worker's Injury Claim Form and submit a copy to their employer. If the worker has lost time from work as a result of the injury, they will also need to obtain and submit a Certificate of Capacity from their medical practitioner.
Step 2. Once the completed Worker’s Injury Claim form is received, the employer is required to submit the worker’s documents to Allianz, along with a completed Employer Injury Claim Report within of receiving the documents.
Completed claim forms can now be lodged electronically through the Worker's Compensation Claim Lodgement System. Please note that to use the on-line Claim Lodgement System you will need electronically saved versions of all completed claims documentation.
Alternatively, you can post your completed claim forms to: Allianz Australia Workers' Compensation (Victoria) Limited, PO Box 80 Melbourne VIC 3001

If you are unfamiliar with the workers compensation process, or you are lodging a claim for the first time, the Allianz Claims Assist Team can help you. Phone: 1300 659 334.

Return to work

Supporting your injured worker to return to safe and sustainable work as soon as possible is necessary to meet your legal obligations but is also good for your worker and good for your business. It can help increase productivity and keep the cost of your WorkSafe Injury Insurance premium down. It also benefits your worker by reducing the financial, health and emotional impacts on them and their family.

Please refer to our Useful links and forms section for our return to work kit [$file/ATT3XXDC.pdf], templates and guidance material, or visit the WorkSafe Victoria website at

Weekly compensation
Injured workers may be entitled to weekly compensation payments if they are unable to perform their normal job. Weekly compensation payments are based on the injured worker’s pre-injury average weekly earnings (PIAWE), capped at a maximum rate and indexed annually.

The formula for calculating compensation changes over time. It depends on the worker’s capacity, and how long they have been in receipt of compensation.

Allianz have also developed a tool to assist employers in calculating an injured worker’s weekly compensation, which can be used to claim reimbursement payments.

Please click here to go directly to our Case Management Tool.

Please refer to our Useful links and forms section for further information on calculating & claiming current weekly earnings or visit the <a href="">WorkSafe Victoria website</a>.

Register of injuries
A report of a work-related injury or illness must be recorded in the Register of Injuries, which must be kept at every workplace. Written notice of an injury may also be provided in other forms.

The Register of Injuries can be a diary, exercise book or electronic file where all the information is recorded. It should be completed by the injured worker or by someone on their behalf.

The WIRC Act defines workplace particulars in relation to a record of an injury to a worker entered in the register of injuries to mean the following:
a.The name of the worker.
b.The worker's occupation or job title.
c.The time and date of the injury.
d.The worker's exact location at the time of the injury.
e.The names of witnesses, if any, to the injury.
f.The date on which the entry in the register of injuries is made.
g.The name of the person making the entry.
Please <a href="INSERT LINK">click here</a> to download the Allianz Register of Injuries template.

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Make a claim

If a worker is injured they may be able to receive compensation from WorkSafe by making a claim.
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Access the WorkWell Toolkit

WorkSafe has launched the WorkWell Toolkit to make mental health and wellbeing a priority for all Victorian workplaces.

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