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What are your obligations as an employer?

As an employer you are obliged to provide a safe and healthy workplace for your workers and contractors.

Understanding your claims obligations

What does it mean to provide a safe and healthy workplace? Your local Allianz team has the knowledge and expertise to take the complexity and hassle out of workers compensation. When a worker is injured or sick as a result of work you want to know you have met your employer obligations. Find out more about your obligations with our easy to read guide below. Alternatively, visit the WorkSafe Victoria Website

At all times
 Provide a safe and healthy workplace for your workers and contractors
 Display an ‘If you are injured’ poster in every workplace
 Keep a Register of Injuries to track injuries and illnesses.
 Provide return to work information in the workplace
 Have a nominated return to work coordinator (if you are an employer with an annual payroll of $2 million or more*)

When an incident or injury occurs
 Assist your injured worker to seek medical treatment
 Ensure the injury is recorded in the Register of Injuries
 Report any workplace incidents that cause or could have caused serious injury or death to WorkSafe on 13 23 60, and send Allianz an Incident Notification form .] On receipt of a claim  Sign and date the completed Worker Injury Claim Form (Blue form link)  Acknowledge receipt of the form in writing. This can be done by giving the worker a carbon copy or a photocopy of the signed claim form titled, ‘Worker’s copy’  Complete an Employer Injury Claim Report (Green form link)  Forward all documentation to Allianz within 10 calendar days of receipt of the completed worker’s form  Appoint a Return to Work Coordinator, if you do not already have one, for the duration of the employer’s return to work obligations. (Employers with a rateable remuneration of $2,231,120 million or more* should have one appointed at all times) *The $2,231,120 million refers to all workplaces in the premiums premium period. This amount is indexed annually. Return to work  For a period of 52 weeks, provide your injured worker with suitable employment if they have an incapacity for work or pre-injury employment, or equivalent when they have returned to full capacity  Plan for your worker’s return to work: 1. Obtain relevant information about your worker's capacity for work 2. Consider reasonable workplace support, aids or modifications to assist in your worker's return to work 3. Assess and propose options for suitable or pre-injury employment 4. Provide your worker with clear, accurate and current details of their return to work arrangements 5. Monitor your worker's recovery progress  Consult directly with your worker about their return to work, with their treating health practitioner (subject to the consent of the worker) and occupational rehabilitation provider (if involved). [

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Make a claim

If a worker is injured they may be able to receive compensation from WorkSafe by making a claim.
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Access the WorkWell Toolkit

WorkSafe has launched the WorkWell Toolkit to make mental health and wellbeing a priority for all Victorian workplaces.