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Obtain or make Allianz your WorkSafe Agent under an existing policy

Obtain a new policy

All first-time employers have 60 days from the commencement of the new business to lodge an application for a WorkCover policy.

Make Allianz your WorkSafe Agent under an existing policy

It's easy to make Allianz your WorkSafe Agent under an existing policy. We will notify your previous agent and WorkSafe, and obtain your premium and claims history.

Speak to a Workers Compensation expert

Manage a policy

Manage a policy

Make changes to your workers compensation policy, view correspondence and provide confirmation of cessation of business via WorkSafe’s employer portal.

Proof of insurance

To verify your current workers compensation insurance policy, obtain a Certificate of Currency from the WorkSafe website.

The Claims Process

If an employee has been injured in your workplace and you’re making a workers compensation claim for the first time, this simple step by step video takes you through your role as an employer and what to expect during the claims process.

Returning to Work

If you’ve had a recent workers compensation claim in your workplace, then this video provides simple and clear information on how you as an employer can support your worker’s recovery, and enable them to return to work safely and as quickly as possible.

Allianz NewsflashesAllianz produces newsflashes on an adhoc basis. For copies, please email us at

Labour Hire Amendments
March 2022

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WorkSafe OHS Essentials Program December 2021

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Premium Changes

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Provisional Payments
Post July 2021

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New Laws Dispute Resolution
May 2021

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Dispute Resolution
March 2021

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Please visit the WorkSafe Victoria News page for other workplace safety updates.

Client Reporting

As an Allianz client, you may be able to access our in-depth and innovative reporting that uses advanced data technology to make it easier to monitor performance and analyse trends. Our data insights can support proactive decision making and the development of preventative risk strategies.

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WorkSafe OHS
Essentials Program

Small to medium sized businesses with less than 200 employees can obtain a free safety consultation.

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and resources

Get up to speed with injury management and return to work (RTW) best practice with the forms, templates and tools you need.

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