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Allianz is committed to making each workers compensation claim experience positive for workers. Our goal is to provide rapid resolution and ongoing support to every Allianz customer with the highest level of care and courtesy. Our commitment is to assist with injury prevention and effective management of a workers’ return to health and work.

Allianz has a team of dedicated and experienced claims specialists to provide advice and guidance throughout the claims process. Working together, we can ensure needs are met and plans are in place to facilitate a safe, early and durable return to health and work.

Allianz is here to support you when you need us most. We understand that you may not be familiar with workers compensation and if you experience a workplace injury, you will need information and guidance on what to expect once your claim is accepted. To help you, the following series of short videos explain the workers compensation journey from claims lodgement to receiving payments, treatment, recovery and return to work.

Your journey - Workers Compensation

Allianz is committed to supporting your recovery and return to work and helping you understand the workers compensation process. Watch this video to learn more.

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Your life covered – Receiving payments

At Allianz, we are committed to providing access to compensation for your time off work without delay so that you can focus on your recovery.

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Your health first – Treatment

Getting the treatment you need and being actively involved in your recovery will see you return to health sooner.

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Moving forward – Your recovery

Your recovery is a collaborative effort. Everyone has a role to play. Recovery at work has been shown to lead to better physical, social and financial outcomes.

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Rights and responsibilities

These are set out in the Workers Compensation Act 1987 and Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 (detailed below).

You must make all reasonable efforts to return to work in your pre-injury employment or alternative suitable employment. If you refuse a reasonable offer of suitable employment, provisional payments may be discontinued. These responsibilities involve your active participation in the following steps towards your recovery at work:

  1. Working collaboratively with us to develop a plan that outlines your return to work and health as well as fulfilling your commitments and responsibilities detailed within the plan.
  2. Nominating a medical practitioner who is prepared to participate in the development of a plan that outlines your return to work and health.
  3. Actively participating in any assessment for the determination of your capacity for employment; this may include workplace/vocational rehabilitation or medical examination.
  4. Notifying us of any changes to your personal details or change in your medical and treatment providers.
  5. Advising us of change in employment that affects your earnings; whether it is new employment or in your own

Return to work

Central to our proven track record in delivering timely and sustainable return to work outcomes is a commitment to solutions that focus on recovery at work, at the earliest opportunity. Allianz understands the importance of integrating this principle into our core claims management activities to achieve positive return to health and work outcomes for workers and minimise the cost to your business. Our recovery at work philosophy is supported by a model that focuses on:

SIRA Guidelines for Claiming Workers Compensation

Latest Reforms

For further information on the latest reforms please visit the following links:

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