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Prevent and manage workplace injuries with Allianz

Allianz is committed to helping organisations establish best practice work health and safety (WHS) and injury management. We will partner with you to help reduce your workplace risk and improve your management of workplace injuries and illnesses.

We understand risk mitigation is a fundamental component of the financial viability and continued growth of a business. We will work with employers, providers and brokers collaboratively to develop long-term strategic relationships and outcomes.

We understand each employer is unique with diverse business objectives and goals, and tailor our approach accordingly. We offer a range of risk mitigation services that complement existing processes and systems. Our Risk Services Team will familiarise themselves with your business plans, goals and key focuses, and provide recommendations that meet your specific needs.

What we offer

Dedicated Risk Manager

For all your WHS questions and concerns • One on one risk strategy meetings • A collaborative approach for the best WHS outcomes • A solutions based approach to managing risk A dedicated contact to assist with all of your WHS needs.

Workplace assessments

Identifying your areas of risk • Onsite assessment tailored to investigate your areas of concern • Identify workplace risks that you may not be aware of • Recommendations for cost effective risk management solutions Various methods of reporting depending on your needs.

On-site training

Investment in your staff • Training and presentations delivered to your staff at a time and location convenient for you • Training tailored to your business, making it relevant and relatable to your staff. • Upskill your staff and gain a positive return on investment. Directly impact your premium by reducing claims risk, and better managing existing claims

A variety of options

What else can we offer your business? • Convenience. We are here to answer questions when you need us. • Flexibility. Assessments, reporting and assistance tailored to your needs. • Smart. Identify your risks; spend your money where it counts.

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