Experiencing work-induced stress or anxiety?

Four in ten employees believe that mental health issues will not be taken as seriously as physical illnessesi

Which is why at Allianz, we believe that prioritising the holistic wellbeing of employees is pivotal to building mentally healthy workplaces. To this end, we actively work with Australian businesses and expert mental health partners to inform and drive positive action on workplace mental health.

As part of our commitment to building future thriving workplaces and worksites, Allianz has developed a dedicated space for employers and employees to access research and guides with practical tips, insights and checklists to support and build mentally healthy work environments.

A call to action: 83 per cent of managers say employee mental health will be more of a priority in the next five yearsi

At Allianz, we recognise that we are all likely to experience vulnerability at some point in our lives and it is the role of insurance to provide confidence in tomorrow. Through our Personal Injury Division, Allianz is a leading provider of Workers Compensation and offers a range of support and services for the evolving needs of Australian workplaces.

Read Allianz Personal Injury, Chief General Manager, Julie Mitchell’s views on stigma and it being the first barrier Australian workplaces and worksites need to tackle to facilitate mentally healthy environments and people.

Research & Education

Awareness into Action: A holistic approach to cultivating mentally healthy workplaces in Australia

The Awareness into Action (January 2019) report combines key research findings with expert mental health resources to lift the veil on how workplaces and worksites impact mental health, and help employers gain the knowledge required to identify and prevent mental health injuries.

Our inaugural report provides practical guidelines for Australian workforces to reflect on how they can continue their journey towards improving mental health in their organisations.

Read more of Allianz’s first exploration of mental health in the workplace.

Future Thriving Workplaces

Fostering workplaces that have the resources and knowledge to properly support all employees’ stress, anxiety and general wellbeing is essential.

Our second (September 2020) report on workplace mental health, Future Thriving Workplaces, seeks to identify what both employers and employees need most to create sustainable change in their workplaces and worksites. It also provides recommendations on how to overcome barriers to implementing mental health initiatives at work.

Read more of Allianz’s mission to build future, thriving workplaces.

Finding Balance in the Modern Workplace

In our third report Finding Balance in the Modern Workplace (August 2021), we reflect on the impact the pandemic has caused on Australian workplaces and worksites.

At work, employees are required to be task-driven and efficient, but at home they need to connect and relax. However, with the evolving demands and requirements of the workplace, Australians are struggling to find a balance and transition between these two parts of life.

Read more of Allianz’s call to arms to find a healthy balance, as industries respond to the changing demands of the pandemic.

Fostering mentally healthy workplaces

The Allianz research has identified five key action areas for employers to focus on, and take a more holistic approach to supporting the mental wellbeing of employees at work.

Building & Fostering a Positive Culture

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Raising Awareness & Encouraging Conversations

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Designing a Collaborative Mental, Wellbeing Program

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Promoting Exercise & Healthy Habits

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Driving Motivation Through Structure

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For more information on how Allianz supports Australian workplaces, please see our Workers Compensation page.

i Based on figures from YouGov Future Thriving Workplaces research, YouGov (2020). (1,005 workers and 501 managers surveyed)