Advanced Visual Analytics

What is AVA?

AVA (Advanced Visual Analytics) is a new platform, developed by Allianz, designed to deliver greater simplicity in managing your workers compensation portfolio. AVA provides the clarity your business needs to drive insight-led performance, delivering data insights, trend analysis and reporting to help you make decisions with confidence.

AVA can transform your Workers Compensation Portfolio

Discover insights quickly

With all workers compensation data in one platform, businesses have full visibility of risks and claims through a visual dashboard that allows insights to be quickly surfaced.

Data can be segmented by criteria such as claim type, location, demographics and more – helping with cost analysis, forecasts and risk profiles, as well as opening up the possibility of reduced premiums through risk mitigation.

  • Visual dashboard for quick and easy comprehension.
  • Customised analysis providing segmented data by different criteria.
  • Trend analysis with access to up to 15 years of data*

Unlock new opportunities

AVA helps empower businesses to identify opportunities to improve performance. Being able to view your entire portfolio helps you prioritise the most important open claims.

The ability to access exception reporting allows for the identification of claims at risk of high costs, poor return-to-work rates, litigation or rehab intervention.

  • Track and report to assess actions and strategies over time.
  • Flexibility to receive scheduled reporting.
  • Ability to export tailored excel or PDF reporting to meet your needs.

Make informed decisions

With detailed claims and premium intelligence, your business has the opportunity to collaborate more efficiently with teams on the same page.

  • One platform providing full visibility of company-wide data.
  • Greater transparency makes claims reviews more effective.

Have confidence in data

AVA is designed to keep your data secure and accurate. Providing regular updates, AVA can assist businesses in making informed risk management decisions with real time data.

  • Up-to-date information for informed decision making.
  • Easy accessible data with no manual manipulation required.

A platform for better insights and risk management

AVA provides a comprehensive overview of risks and claims – providing the information to help you stay empowered and informed in one smart platform.

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*The amount of data available to Allianz will vary from business to business depending upon how much data a business has provided to Allianz and the length of their Workers Compensation relationship with Allianz.