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What is insurance for Retail Businesses?

Although running a retail store can be hard work, it’s rewarding and exciting when your customers are satisfied. However, even a thriving store brings its own risks for shop owners to consider, which is why it’s important to protect your business from unexpected costs with retail business insurance in case things go wrong.

Operating a retail business can bring a number of risks on a day-to-day basis – from damaged or stolen stock, broken windows, theft of cash, or if someone could be injured while on your premises. Insurance cover can help protect your business from unexpected costs arising from events such as this.

Understanding and finding the right insurance for your retail shop can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be. Read on to learn how Allianz insurance cover options that could help protect your business.

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Retail Business Insurance Covers:

Public Liability Insurance

Allianz Public Liability Insurance, also known as Public and Products Liability Insurance, covers you if a member of the public is injured, or their property damaged, at your business premises or while using your products or services. It covers compensation you are legally liable to pay plus your reasonable legal fees.

Accidents can happen in retail stores, such as a customer slipping on a wet floor, falling over loose stock, or being injured by a falling shelf in your store.

Public Liability Insurance is automatically included in a Business Insurance Pack policy when you quote online. For help with your quote, or to get a Business Insurance Pack quote without Public Liability cover, please contact our specialist small business team on 1300 131 000.

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Commercial Property Insurance

Allianz Commercial Property insurance allows you to choose covers for accidental damage to your business building, contents and/or stock at the insured situation from unexpected defined insured events like a storm, fire or vandalism, as well as the option to purchase additional cover for flood.

From displays, to facades, counters, and stock, setting up a retail store for business can be expensive. It’s important to protect your store’s assets from accidental and unexpected damage.

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Theft Insurance

Your business earns its income by selling goods to customers – and that can mean storing valuable stock at your business premises. This can make your store a prime target for thieves.

Theft cover can help protect your business in the event of theft of property insured from your business premises. This can include your stock, damage to your store caused during theft, and replacement of locks. If your store is busier over specified holiday periods, up to a 50% increase in cover for stock is provided during seasonal increase periods. Note: Shoplifting is not covered.

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If your retail store features glass windows, doors, display cases or shelves, there is always the risk of accidental breakage. Allianz Glass cover is designed to cover the cost of replacing and fixing the glass in its frame or location following an unexpected breakage of glass. This can include the repair or replacement of signwriting and fittings surrounding your windows, as well as damage to illuminated/advertising signs or stock damage caused by the broken glass.

If the security of your business premises is affected due to the glass breakage, Allianz glass cover can also cover the cost of employing security guards to protect your business, and effecting temporary repairs if these are necessary.

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Get your cover in one place with our Business Insurance Pack

Our packs start with Public Liability, then you can customise your policy to suit your business.

Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance helps to protect you if you become legally liable to pay compensation for injury to third parties, or damage to their property, during the course of your work. Plus, covers your reasonable legal costs to defend a claim raised against you.

Additional Covers

Commercial Property

Cover for accidental damage to your commercial property, contents or stock, as a result of insured events such as a storm, fire or vandalism.

Business Interruption

Covers your lost income, profit or turnover if your business has to close as a result of unforeseen and defined insured events, like storm or fire.

Available when you insure Commercial Property.


Covers the cost of repairing or replacing accidentally broken glass at your business premises such as store windows, mirrors or display cabinets.


Cover for loss caused by theft of property insured from your store, such as your stock or equipment.


Covers the replacement of cash stolen from your business premises during business hours, or outside business hours, while locked in a safe or strongroom, in transit or in custody at a private residence.

Commercial Vehicle

Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance4 covers accidental damage or theft of your business vehicles, and damage they may cause to third party property.

Machinery Breakdown

Covers the cost to repair or replace electrical or mechanical machinery if it suffers a breakdown at your premises. For example: refridgerators, air conditioners, boilers, workshop machinery, etc.

This is a limited summary of some of our Business Insurance Pack covers only. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. For full details and before making a decision please consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)/Policy Wording, Supplementary PDS (where applicable) & PDS update (privacy notice) which are available on this website

Workers Compensation

If your business has employees, Workers Compensation insurance is mandatory in all Australian States and Territories. Workers Compensation insurance can cover your employees if they are involved in a workplace accident. Allianz will work to support your business through the claims management process.

Please note that Workers Compensation insurance is not available under the Business Insurance Pack and will need to be purchased as an additional policy.

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Considerations for Retailers:

  • If you rent the premises for your retail store your lease may require a minimum level of public liability cover – check before you buy.
  • Your lease or landlord may also specify a minimum amount of glass cover.
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