How we can support you

Payment options

If you’re in financial difficulty and are finding it difficult to pay your premium, we can offer:

Claims excess

If you have a new or existing claim and are unable to pay the excess upfront, let us know and we can offer:

Natural disasters and urgent financial assistance

If you have made a natural disaster claim and need urgent financial support, let us know us about your situation. We may:

Support paying debt owed to us

If you owe us a debt related to a claim event and are unable to pay, you can apply for financial hardship support. Depending on your circumstances we may:

These measures are also available if one of our debt collectors is already working with you. Ask for information about our financial hardship process.

How to apply for support

If you’re going through financial hardship, please contact us today and talk to us about your situation.

Access to community support services

The National Debt Helpline is a not-for-profit service helping customers get back on track with their finances. They can connect you with professional financial counsellors who offer a free, independent and confidential service.