“We have been focusing a lot recently on getting comfortable with being uncomfortable."
The Steelers’ Ryley Batt, Chris Bond and Shae Graham on behalf of the team
The Australian Steelers
Sport: Wheelchair rugby

Wheelchair rugby is an intense, contact team sport played in eight-minute quarters; it was originally known as Murderball. To be eligible to compete, athletes must have an impairment in all four limbs.

The Australian team is known as the Steelers, and has competed at every Paralympics Games since the sport gained full Paralympic Medal status at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. The Steelers won their first gold medal at the London 2012 Paralympic Games and defended their Paralympic gold medal during Rio 2016.

Despite their strong physical appearance, the Steelers have recently been focusing on building their mental strength, opening up and being vulnerable with each other. They collectively believe that good mental health is how their team can have the edge – through better decision making and stronger performance under pressure.

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