Allianz support for small businesses during COVID-19

Supporting our small business customers

After months of constant change, Australian businesses are taking stock of where they stand. As part of the Allianz global group, Allianz Australia has been supporting our customers through uncertainty and change for over 100 years. And we’re here to help you now.

We’re offering a Policy Health Check to all small business policyholders to help you review your insurance and check it still meets your needs. We have also developed a package of support measures to aid small businesses suffering hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assisting small businesses with a Policy Health Check

Much can change in a short time, so Allianz is actively encouraging all our small business policyholders to call us for a Policy Health Check. This is a simple five-step check in over the phone where we will help you review your details, excess, cover and payment frequency, making changes where we can to support you. If your details have changed it is important to tell us, to ensure your cover and premium reflects your new circumstances.

Assisting small businesses with support measures during the COVID-19 pandemic

Defer your premium

If you’re an existing eligible customer experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, you can opt to defer payments for up to six months to help your business stay insured while you keep it running. Request by 30 September 2020, see the full list of eligibility criteria here.

Extended cover for assets temporarily removed

We have automatically extended cover for assets temporarily removed from your business premises until 30 September 2020 under our Theft and Material Damage cover.

Maintain full cover on vacant premises

We will maintain full cover for any existing small business customers whose premises are temporarily vacant due to COVID-19. The measure will be reviewed as needed.

No fees

Our aim is to help you stay insured. But if you do need to cancel your policy we will continue to honour our promise of not charging any administration or cancellation fees. You will receive a pro-rata refund of your premium for the remaining time on your policy.


Eligibility criteria for small business policyholders

To be eligible for the deferment of payments as a result of Allianz’ COVID-19 response package, an SME must meet all four following criteria:

  1. Must be a current Allianz policyholder*;

  2. Fall within the SME definition set out in the Interim Authorisation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on 2 April 2020, namely that the small business must be an individual, partnership, company or trust:

    1. 20 employees or less (or less than 100 employees for manufacturing);
    2. and
    3. annual turnover less than $10 million.

  3. Hold one of the following specified Allianz insurance policies only:

  4. Currently facing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19 as meeting one or more of the following guidelines:

    1. Business closed as a result of Federal or State or Territory Government directive in a key sector;
    2. or
    3. Business receiving the Job Keeper payments

If any individual SME business does not meet the criteria in 2 to 4 above, Allianz has other hardship options available.

*To be eligible for flexible premium arrangements, small business policyholders must have:

The following insurance policies are specifically excluded from the relief package: