Claims Management

WA Legislation

Workers’ compensation is compensation payable under the Workers Compensation & Injury Management Act 1981 to a worker who sustains a personal injury by accident arising out of or in the course of employment - or while the worker is acting under the employer’s instructions. Please refer to Section 5 of the Act for further description and exclusions.

The worker may be entitled to compensation for weekly benefits while incapacitated for work, medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, permanent impairment and, in some instances, damages at common law.

Register of injuries

We recommend all employers maintain a Register of Injuries. The Register of Injuries is a current record of any injuries suffered by workers, whether they result in a claim or not. Employers should keep a Register of Injuries that is readily accessible in the workplace.

Lodging an injury notification

The WA legislation does not contain any specific timeframes around notification of an injury to your workers’ compensation insurer, however, we encourage you to notify Allianz as soon as practicable, of any injuries sustained. This allows Allianz to commence active injury management to facilitate a prompt recovery and return to work of your injured employee.

An initial notification by the employer can be made by:

To make a claim for compensation

Should you or your injured worker wish to make a claim for compensation, please complete the following requirements:

  • Provide the worker with a claim form (Form 2B) for completion
  • Complete an Employer’s claim form
  • Forward the completed worker’s and employer’s claim forms to Allianz, together with a First Medical Certificate, within 5 working days of receiving the worker’s form. Please send all documents to:

  • GPO Box K772
    City Delivery Centre
    Perth WA 6842

  • Promptly forward all other internal investigations, statements or relevant correspondence.

Claim Lifecycle – What happens and when

The diagram below shows a typical lifecycle of a workers’ compensation claim. This diagram is a simplified description of the claims process, so you know what to expect should you need to make a claim.

Claim Lifecycle
Step 1. (Injured worker step)A workplace injury is reported to the employer. In the case that a serious incident occurs involving a fatality or permanent injury/ illness, please phone WorkSafe immediately on 1800 678 198. We would also request you notify your Allianz contact as soon as possible.
Step 2. (Employer step)The employer notifies Allianz as soon as practicable of the injury/incident and is issued an incident number which is to be used in all correspondence. If the injured worker wishes to make a claim, the employer is to provide the worker with a claim form.
Step 3. (Allianz step)If the injury is significant, a Case Manager will be assigned and will make contact with the employer, injured worker and, if necessary, the treating doctor to initiate injury management activities as appropriate.
Step 4. (Employer step)The injured worker and employer complete the compensation claim forms and, together with a WorkCover Medical Certificate, forward them to Allianz within 5 working days of the employer receiving the worker’s form.

Please note that in accordance with the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981, WorkCover may penalise employers $1000.00 for failing to report claims to their insurer within the required timeframe (s57A(2A)).
Step 5. (Allianz step)Upon receipt of the claim forms and medical certificate, Allianz will assess the claim and in most cases, advise all parties of liability determination within 3 working days.

If liability cannot be determined, Allianz has a further 10 days to determine liability, thereafter the claim is considered to be disputed.
Step 6. (Allianz step)If liability is accepted
The Case Manager collaborates with the worker, employer and nominated treating Doctors to return the injured worker to work as soon as possible.

If liability cannot be determined without additional information
The Case Manager will notify the employer and the worker of the delay in determining liability and the reason(s) why. The required additional information will be sought and a decision promptly made on receipt.

If liability is not accepted
The Case Manager will notify the employer and injured worker of the liability decision verbally and offer the worker the opportunity to partake in the Internal Dispute & Resolution Process to discuss the decision made on their claim. All parties will subsequently be advised in writing of Allianz’s decision and the process if the decision is disputed.
Step 7. (Injured worker & employer step)If liability is accepted, all relevant accounts and requests for wage reimbursements should be sent promptly to Allianz for payment.

Please note, the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 requires an employer to make weekly compensation payments to an injured worker within 14 days of being advised the claim is accepted.

Failure to comply with this requirement may result in a WorkCover penalty of $2,000.00 for each weekly payment not made when due. Subsequent payments are required to be made on the employer’s usual pay day.
Step 8. (Allianz step)Allianz will keep in regular contact with the employer and injured worker to facilitate a prompt recovery and return to work of the injured worker. Assistance maybe sought from specialist providers, such as occupational rehabilitation experts or medical professionals.
Step 9. (Injured worker & employer step)Injured worker is certified fit for work with no ongoing treatment. All final accounts / wage reimbursements sent to Allianz for payment.
Step 10. (Allianz step)
Allianz closes the claim