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Important Allianz Travel Insurance Contact Details for Your Trip

So you’ve purchased a policy through Allianz Travel Insurance. Congratulations! You’ll be glad to know that the company is readily contactable through a variety of methods including telephone, email and via the website.

However, you make your Allianz Travel Insurance contact, be assured that your enquiry will be attended to efficiently and promptly.

Travel Insurance Exclusions

Allianz Travel Insurance phone number

The most important number is the one that’s easiest to remember. It’s 13 1000, but be aware that it is only available to call if you are within Australia.

24 hour emergency assistance

Allianz makes available a 24-hour emergency assistance line for customers to call whether they are in Australia or overseas. You don’t even have to worry about having phone credit to make the call as Allianz provides a reverse charges service so you can call at no cost, wherever you are in the world.

Calling from within Australia: 1800 010 075

Reverse charge from overseas: +61 7 3305 7499

Sales and general enquiries as well as claims enquiries

If you are within Australia and would like more information on the type of policies available for purchase, what you can claim for, what’s excluded and included or any other general enquiries, simply call 13 1000. You will call the same number if you wish to lodge a claim or ask questions about a claim.

The Allianz travel insurance email address is:

When you need to make a claim

Uh-oh, what’s happened? Any time you need to make a claim, you’re bound to feel stressed, uncomfortable and worried. Happily, Allianz makes it easy to lodge your claim online if you have access to the internet, wherever you are.

Simply click here to get to the online claim portal and start your claim. You’ll be able to save it and return to it later if necessary. This is useful for when internet connections are unreliable or for when you have to return later with more information you need to upload.

Once you enter the portal, you’ll be advised to read whatever travel alerts are current, in case they affect your claim. You’ll need to have ready your policy number, your personal details, any supporting documentation for your claim such as your itinerary, flight details, authorisation letters and receipts, and your bank account details for payment when your claim is approved.

After submitting your claim online through the portal, a member of the Allianz team will be in touch with you regarding your claim within 10 business days.

Allianz Travel Insurance dispute resolution process

Allianz takes pride in the level of customer service provided. However, as with all insurers, they are available to be contacted if you have a complaint or would like to dispute the way they have conducted business with you. Ideally, the matter can be resolved in-house through their Internal Dispute Resolution process. Call 13 1000 if you would like to discuss the matter with a representative.

Alternatively, you are welcome to make a written complaint and post it to ‘The Dispute Resolution Department’, Locked Bag 3038, Toowong DC, QLD 4066. If, however, you are unsatisfied with the result, then you are within your rights to take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service Australia (FOS).

This is a free and independent dispute resolution service that is available to consumers who have experienced policy disputes regarding general insurance. You can reach the FOS in writing as follows: Financial Ombudsman Service Australia (FOS), GPO Box 3, Melbourne, Victoria 3001. Or, simply phone them on 1800 367 287 or email

When you should contact Allianz

Before you go anywhere

Your smartphone is going to be one of your most vital travelling companions. As soon as you purchase your policy, add the Allianz Travel Insurance* contact details to your contacts list.

Don’t just add the main phone number; add all numbers plus the email and web addresses. You never know why or how you’ll need to get in touch and you’ll be so glad you have everything at your fingertips, emergency or not.

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