Allianz Stadium, the newest in Allianz’s family of seven stadiums around the world, will be opening its doors to the public as early as September 2022.

Allianz Stadium brings a world-class venue and an unmatched fan experience to one of the most iconic sporting precincts in the world. Sited next door to the Sydney Cricket Ground, Allianz Stadium is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose venue, built for the future of sport and entertainment in Australia.

Allianz Stadium: raising the bar in every sense

We’ve invested in a family of stadiums as part of our global commitment to bring communities together and do good through sport. Built on our values, Allianz Stadium raises the bar in every sense.

Seats within the Allianz Stadium

Bringing communities together for good

Allianz Stadium brings unique public spaces together with lifestyle and recreational facilities for an unparalleled fan experience. Designed to extract a vibrant atmosphere with steep seating angles positioned to bring 42,500 fans closer to the action, all seated comfortably undercover.

Stadium seating forms a contemporary work of art from award-winning Indigenous artist Tony Albert. Based on ‘Two Worlds Colliding – Water and Land’, each end of the stadium is distinguished by two different designs symbolising the land and water. The design tells a story about place and country, with a nod to the contest of competing teams.

Offering a state-of-the-art experience

In addition to hosting top-tier sport and major international entertainment and cultural acts, Allianz Stadium offers first-class hospitality for all:

Setting a new standard for sustainability

At Allianz we have strong environmental, societal and governance (ESG) commitment, and through Allianz Stadium we’re setting a new standard for stadium sustainability.

Allianz Stadium is designed to meet the standards of LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold accreditation. Every aspect of its design, maintenance and use has been thought through to meet strong ESG criteria.

From recycling approximately 87% of construction and demolition waste, to exceeding energy and water efficiency benchmarks by 20%. The stadium’s lightweight roof structure uses 40% less steel than a typical venue of the same size, and the building hosts integrated solar panels and water harvesting solutions.

The stadium is designed to minimise the heat island effect (urban structures raising temperatures), by using native vegetation for shade, light surfaces and reflective roofing.

Allianz Stadium supports fans to travel sustainably. It offers electric vehicle charging points and bicycle parking, light rail and bus stops, and a two-kilometre pathway from Sydney’s Central Station.

Home of Australian sports history

Since 1903, the original Sydney Sports Ground and No.2 Ground were used to host an array of sports, from NSWRL games to motor cycle and car speedway racing. The Sydney Sports Ground and No.2 Ground were eventually demolished to allow for the building of the Sydney Football Stadium, which opened in 1988. Now Allianz Stadium, the venue has been home to some of the most memorable moments in Australian sports history.

Along with hosting the Kangaroos, Wallabies, and Socceroos, Allianz Stadium has also been the home ground of the Sydney Roosters, NSW Waratahs, and Sydney FC.

The Stadium has hosted international matches, including rugby league and rugby union matches featuring the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Argentina and South Africa. In 2000, it was also the venue for the Olympic women’s gold medal soccer match, where Norway defeated the USA in front of 22,848 fans.

The Allianz Stadium closure in late 2018 paved the way for the Stadium’s transformation into a new world-class sporting venue. The goal of the redevelopment was to create a stadium with improved sightlines for spectators, a full-coverage roof, increased food and beverage options, and significantly improved amenities.

The newest member of our family of stadiums

Our partnership with the stadium aligns with Allianz’s global association with world-class sports sponsorships, including the iconic Allianz Arena in Munich.

Our family of stadiums covers seven stadiums in seven countries. Bringing communities together to enjoy soccer, rugby league, rugby union and baseball, as well as international concert artists and important cultural events.

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Driver Ave, Moore Park NSW 2021

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