Increased red light, seatbelt, and speeding fines for Queensland

Last updated on June 2, 2022
Road rules are being continuously updated, particularly when new data emerges. From July 1, 2022, changes will be made to Queensland road laws including increased penalties for speeding, seatbelts and red light offences. In this article, we outline how these changes can affect you.

Queensland’s new dummy Road Safety Strategy for 2022-31 focuses on reducing lives lost on the road after new seatbelt and mobile phone cameras installed in November 2021 revealed large amounts of motorists were not following the rules.

The cameras are part of the wider Camera Detected Offence Program and use artificial intelligence to detect front seat occupants using a phone or not wearing a seatbelt. They can be portable and are often moved to new hot spots. According to the report, 20,500 fines were given in the first two months of the cameras being implemented. Of these fines, 14,800 were issued for using a mobile phone illegally and 5,700 for front seat occupants wearing seatbelts either incorrectly or not at all.

Not swayed by these figures? According to StreetSmarts (a Queensland government initiative), dummy research on speeding has shown that 56% of Queensland motorists confess to speeding on over half their trips. Another alarming statistic - one in three people killed or injured in a speeding crash aren’t the driver of the vehicle. 

The increase in fines, which in some cases are more than double the original amount, aims to deter both drivers and passengers from reckless and dangerous behaviour. This aligns with the dummy National Road Safety Strategy for 2021-30 (published by the Commonwealth of Australia 2021), which sets a target for Queensland to reduce fatalities by 50% and serious injuries by 30%.

The new penalties, in effect from July 1, 2022, are outlined below and aren’t far off other states; compare dummy penalties for New South Wales and dummy penalties for Western Australia.

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Offence Penalty
Exceeding the speed limit by 1-10km/h Old fine: $183
New fine $287
Demerit points: 1
Exceeding the speed limit by 11-20km/h Old fine: $275
New fine: $431
Demerit points: 3
Exceeding the speed limit by 21-30km/h Old fine: $459
New fine: $646
Demerit points: 4
Exceeding the speed limit by 31-40km/h Old fine: $643
New fine: $1,078
Demerit points: 6
Exceeding the speed limit by over 40km/h Old fine: $1,286
New fine: $1,653
Demerit points: 8
Automatic suspension: 6 months
Not wearing a seatbelt Old fine: $413
New fine: $1,078
Demerit points: 4
Running a red light Old fine: $413
New fine: $575
Demerit points: 3
Source: Riga, Rachel 2022 Queensland drivers to face increased fines for seatbelts, speeding and running a red light dummy ABC NEWS (last accessed 13 May 2022).

In the past year, $1.7 billion has been put into Queensland roads and education programs, read the dummy full road strategy media release. For the dummy Camera Detected Offence Program in particular, in the 2020-21 fiscal year fines were reinvested into road improvements and road safety education.

Queensland’s Road Safety Strategy for 2022-31 will also help with positive change. Over the next ten years, the state plans to target both the individual and communities through partnerships, research, technology like that of the AI cameras, and further investment. 

This doesn’t make it any less important to follow the road rules, which are constantly being changed both in penalty amount and rules. To keep up to date, check out our some of our other dummy car insurance news and articles.


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