Allianz recognised as Employer of Choice for Women

Sydney, 29 May 2009

Allianz recognised as Employer of Choice for Women

Allianz Australia has been awarded the Employer of Choice for Women citation by the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency.

Allianz Australia Managing Director, Terry Towell, said he was proud that Allianz had been recognised as an Employer of Choice for Women. “Companies need to address gender diversity as a business issue and CEOs ignore it at their company’s peril.”

In 2006, the Allianz Group established a Global Diversity Council to enhance the level of diversity at Allianz. The Diversity Strategy has been a key initiative of the Council and aims to enhance diversity among both Allianz’s employees and customers. Consistent with this, Allianz Australia has been focussing on further enhancing its diversity as part of the Allianz Group’s Diversity Strategy.

According to Mr Towell “in terms of our employee diversity strategy, Allianz took a decision to start with a focus on women to ensure that we were fully tapping into all the talent capabilities within the company and also to capitalise on the impact diverse teams have on improving business performance. In addition, we wanted to maximise the potential of women as our customers.”

“The focus on women is designed to increase the level of female representation in senior management roles and in the talent pipeline. Allianz will not succeed by focusing on the attraction and recruitment of women to the organisation only. There is already enormous talent within the company which can be maximised through initiatives such as enhancing capability development and enabling improved work-life balance management.”

The EOWA Employer of Choice for Women citation is awarded to non-government organisations with more than 80 employees that have demonstrated that they have policies and practices that support women across the organisation and these have had a positive outcome for both women and the business. Allianz is one of only two large insurance companies to be recognised.

To be recognised as an EOWA Employer of Choice for Women, employers are required to meet stringent criteria each year which include offering a minimum of six weeks paid maternity leave; providing the ability for female managers to work part time; ensuring the percentage of female managers and pay equity outcomes meet best practice benchmarks.
Initiatives at Allianz that assisted in achieving the Employer of Choice for Women citation include:

On the question of whether adopting goals to increase the proportion of women in management conflicts with a merit-based culture, Mr Towell said, “merit underpins recruitment and promotion at Allianz, but consistent with that principle we decided that goals were needed to address gender diversity as a business issue. Goals create a serious focus and require planned actions to ensure that they are achieved.“

Mr Towell stated “if women represent half the workforce, it is not logical for women to be under-represented in top management positions at Allianz.”

“The focus also makes sense from a market perspective, for example, in the US women make up over 80 per cent of buying decisions and 50 percent of all businesses are owned by women1. Allianz cannot afford to miss out on this input into management.”

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1 Allianz Journal, International Edition 3, 2008, p3.