Allianz rewards Maitland City Council's reduction in workers' compensation costs

19 October, 2007

Allianz Australia has rewarded Maitland City Council's outstanding performance in reducing time lost due to workplace injuries with a premium refund of over $249,000.

Mr David Krawitz, Allianz Australia's Chief General Manager for Workers Compensation said "Allianz was pleased to be a part of this fantastic result which is reflection of the strategic partnership we seek to put in place with customers like the Maitland City Council to promote a shared commitment for achieving best practice".

Over the past year, the Maitland City Council has achieved an 84% reduction in time lost to a total of 28 days across the 51 claims lodged.

"Allianz commends the Council's commitment to the ongoing review and improvement of its processes to promote the health, safety and welfare of their workforce," Mr Krawitz said.

"This outcome is a result of the collaborative relationship between Allianz and Maitland City Council through which we continuously work together to ensure there are clear return to health and work strategies for each claim," Mr Krawtiz added.

Allianz is the fourth largest insurer operating in the Australian market and one of Australia's largest workers’ compensation insurers. Allianz has more than 1000 workers compensation staff Australia wide, including health, medical and injury specialists. Allianz's success has been achieved byworking collaboratively with employers and employees to achieve the best outcome for the injured worker and the employer. This frequently results in significant cost savings and better employer-employee relations.

Allianz is committed to assisting employers minimise work-related injuries and illnesses by providing ongoing assistance and resources to promote safe workplaces.

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