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If you’re heading out on an interstate road trip, you’ve probably plotted out the fastest path to your destination. But did you know that speed limits and speeding laws differ depending on the state or territory you are driving through? While most of the time you can simply follow the posted speed limits, it’s important to be aware of default limits that might apply in different locations. Different states and territories also have different penalties for speeding, with heavy fines and licence suspensions for those who drive over the speed limit.

Speed Limits

When setting maximum speed limits, most states and territories in Australia follow the model national road rules. Under these rulesi:

Western Australia and Northern Territory are the only two locations not to follow these rules. In the Northern Territory, posted speed limits can be as high as 130km/h, while default speed limits are 60km/hr for built up areas, and 110km/h in rural areasii. In Western Australia posted speed limits are capped at 110km/h, while default speed limits are 50km/h for built up areas, and 110km/h in rural areasiii.

When driving interstate, it’s also important to be aware of school zones. School zones have a speed limit of 40km/h, with the exception of South Australia where the limit is 25km/h. In South Australia, this speed limit is not only enforced in school zones, but also at children’s crossings whenever the lights are flashingiv.


No matter where you are in Australia, it is illegal to drive above the speed limit. The penalty you will face will depend on how far you are over the speed limit. Along with a fine and demerit points, penalties can also include automatic licence suspensions, especially where the speed limit was exceeded by more than 30km/h.

Check the table below to see the minimum and maximum penalties by location. These penalties apply to light vehicles such as cars, and do not apply to large trucks which have harsher penalty schemes.

State or Territory Penalty
NSW Fine: $121 to $2,530
Demerits: 1 point to 6 points
Suspension: up to 6 months
QLD Fine: $177 to $1,245
Demerits: 1 point to 8 points
Suspension: up to 6 months
NT Fine: $150 to $1,000
Demerits: 1 point to 6 points
WA Fine: $100 to $1,200
Demerits: No points to 7 points
SA Fine: $177 to $1,658
Demerits: 1 point to 9 points
Suspension: up to 6 months
ACT Fine: $297 to $1,841
Demerits: 1 point to 6 points
TAS Fine: $84 to $966
Demerits: 2 points to 6 points
Suspension: up to 4 months
VIC Fine: $207 to $826
Demerits: 1 point to 8 points
Suspension: up to 12 months

The information in this article is current as of the 13th of April 2020. Laws and penalties may have changed since this article was create.

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