Parking Signs Explained

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It's difficult enough to drive on the roads these days - now we have to memorise every parking sign and what it means, and live with the expensive consequences if we don't. Many of us have learnt the hard way what "No Stopping" means, or how many minutes we can stop at a "No Parking" sign. It's confusing, but all designed to keep traffic flowing freely and parking spaces turning over efficiently. What do all the signs mean for us? It pays to mention here that arrows on signs indicate where the restrictions apply - pay particular attention to where the signs are referring to.

No Standing

"No Standing" has been phased out and is no longer used - it was replaced with either "No Stopping" or "No Parking". If any are still floating around, they now mean "No Stopping"i.

No parking sign

No Stopping

A "No Stopping" sign means no stopping, at any time, not even to quickly drop someone off.

No Parking

A "No Parking" sign means you can't park, but you can drop off or pick up passengers or goods without leaving your vehicle (i.e. you must be within three metres of your vehicle). You must attend to your business promptly (within two minutes of stopping your vehicle)

Loading Zone

Areas posted with a "Loading Zone" sign can be utilised by vehicles when dropping off or picking up goods in the course of business, or when dropping off or picking up passengers. They are meant for vehicles that carry goods for business and that have been designed as such, for example trucks, utes and vans (but not passenger vans). Station wagons or three wheeled bikes built to carry goods can stop for up to 15 minutes while the driver loads or unloads goods. Trucks can park for up to 30 minutes while the driver loads or unloads goods. Generally speaking, vehicles that cannot park in a loading zone include most 4WDs, hatchbacks or sport vehicles. They are not essentially designed to carry goods.

Disabled Parking

Disabled parking

If you are the holder of an Australian Disability Parking Permit as given by the RMS, you must show your Mobility Parking Scheme permit at the same time to be able to take advantage of parking concessions. In these situations, you may be able to park for longer periods of times than that specified on the parking sign. For example, a parking sign displaying a one hour limit enables holders parking for an unlimited amount of time. In 30 minute limited time zones a holder may park for two hours, and less than 30 minute time zones limit holders to 30 minutes only. If the zone is an area that users are required to pay for, holders can park at no charge. Of course, holders are entitled to park in zones that are designated for people with disabilities whereas all other drivers are notii.


Only public buses, minibuses or taxis can stop to drop off or pick up passengers. All other vehicles are not allowed to stop for any reason.

Permit Zone

Only vehicles displaying the current permit issued by the body responsible for the management of the zone may park in these areas. For example, if it is a local council that manages the area, drivers must hold a permit allowing them to park and that permit must be issued by the local council.

Construction Zone, Truck Zone, Taxi Zone/Stand/Rank, Motor Bike Parking, Mini Bus Zone, Mail Zone

Only these types of vehicles are permitted to stop within these zones.

Park in Bays Only

Vehicles must be parked wholly within marked bays, or risk a fine.

Permissive Parking Sign

A permissive parking sign has certain specifications that need to be adhered to. For example, parking for five minutes only between the hours of 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. At all other times, restrictions do not apply.

Metered Parking

Metered parking is paid parking. You usually need a degree to work out the restrictions, which can include hours and days, locations, certain spots and prices.

It's important to learn all about the various signs you might encounter in your travels, as parking infringement officers have heard it all before and usually, once they've started writing their ticket, won't stop.